Viptela: Taking the WAN to a Whole New Level

CIO Vendor Communication and collaboration are two of the vital tools that network industry provides with Wireless Area Network (WAN) to the companies and organization to increase their efficiency and streamline their workforce. But the current WAN technology is still based on traditional architecture framework encompassing multiple networks, numerous points of intelligence and various policies which increase the congestion and the total cost.

With technology evolving with an unprecedented speed, today’s business leaders want a simple, trusted and virtualized network that can be managed centrally.

Coming to the aid of such leaders and companies is Viptela, headquartered at San Jose, CA.
The company was founded in 2012 by Amir Khan, CEO, with a sole mission to simplify networking architectures, and eliminate unwanted inefficiencies and deficit faced by the enterprises.

One Solution for Every Challenge Viptela provides a secure extensible network with fully integrated routing, and segmentation with its commendable technology. Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) solution of the company is an eminent technology that has already seemed a prodigy because of its ability and robustness. It addresses one of the major WAN problems pertaining to capacity, performance, and time to enable services by empowering enterprises to extend their footprint anywhere, and over any transport network such as MPLS, Metro-E, Internet or LTE. Viptela SEN solution also has its expertise in protect sensitive content in an enterprise network, delivering optimal user-experience for the Cloud and Internet-bound applications, business to business partner network, high scale encryption, and network service insertion. This technology is widely used by various Fortune 500 companies which further testify its competence.

In the two years of operation, Viptela has already left its impact on various companies, and with the support of its partner, it is planning to make its technology more advanced and innovative to give a world class services to its clients.


A provider of solutions and products which aims at helping fortune 500 companies develop and secure their end-to-end network infrastructure.