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Thomas Von Ahn, CMO, Co-Founder and Co-Owner Every brand has a story to tell. It is how the story is told that matters.

For years, traditional advertising was the primary means for marketers to reach people. The internet, with over 4.66 billion active users worldwide, has changed the face of advertising and brought digital marketing to the forefront, enabling brands to meet customers where they are. Whether it is customers performing product searches, posting on social media, browsing websites, or reading emails, each touchpoint in the online journey allows businesses to collect data, measure the marketing performance, and optimize their efforts. In other words, digital marketing prioritizes audience engagement, so a lot of its intricacies focus on understanding customer behaviors.

But that doesn’t mean traditional marketing is dead. In fact, it has a more personal approach since the interaction with the consumer is more direct.

The question is: between the tried and tested traditional marketing and the innovative and fastchanging digital marketing, which one is better for a business? Or should companies take a multi-channel marketing approach and combine the two?

Thomas von Ahn, CMO, co-founder and co-owner of Viral Solutions, a WI-based marketing, and advertising company, believes that the key lies in striking the right balance between traditional and digital marketing. Between the rock-solid reliability of traditional marketing and the flexibility of digital marketing, businesses have a lot to gain, including more brand visibility, better customer engagement, and long-term growth, among others.

However, this is where marketers face a challenge: not everybody possesses the insight and knowledge to integrate the ‘new with the old’ in one holistic approach. “As a full-service marketing agency, we are committed to seeing businesses succeed. We use time-tested strategies, backed by data, and paired with up-to-date tactics to help organizations grow and receive a greater return on investment on their marketing spend,” remarks von Ahn.

Delivering Valuable Outcomes

A solid marketing strategy is essential to drive any business forward. Yet, most companies only focus on certain aspects of marketing, failing to consider the bigger picture. This creates a lot of confusion and a lack of coordination. Viral Solutions, A solid marketing strategy is essential to drive any business forward. Yet, most companies only focus on certain aspects of marketing, failing to consider the bigger picture. This creates a lot of confusion and a lack of coordination. Viral Solutions, on the other hand, prioritizes coordination by factoring in every facet of a business’s online presence—from the front-facing experience for the customer to the back-end setup for the team. “We have a team of 22 people that can do it all. Why it matters is, historically, specialists have dominated our industry. And, different people have different approaches when it comes to marketing and think differently, which adds on to the existing complexity,” says von Ahn.

We are truly obsessed with being your full-service marketing agency and helping you grow

Working with Viral Solutions, businesses get an experienced, cross-functional team dedicated to analyzing market conditions, competitors, brand messaging, and so much more to give businesses a leg up in the marketplace. This eliminates the massive cost of hiring different experts such as an internal CMO, SEO expert, social media expert, graphic designer, web developer, and copywriter and building an entire marketing department.

Viral Solutions’ extensive range of services span branding, story brand messaging, social media, website design, paid advertising, professional SEO services, influencer marketing services, and copywriting. When it comes to the firm’s expertise in website design, von Ahn adds, “We design and create custom creative websites that drive business results. We build sites that load fast, rank in search engines, and compel users to take action now.” In contrast to the other web design companies that claim to be experts but often slap together a templated design and leave businesses wondering what is next, Viral Solutions takes advantage of a proven method for professional website design that fits the client’s branding, leverages critical market data, and centers on attracting new business and boosting sales.

Creating a new web design is now a simple three-step process that starts with an audit to evaluate the client’s current website and analyze what changes need to be made to ensure maximum growth. This is followed by crafting the messaging, formulating the design, and finally developing a website of choice that works on any device.

Partnering with Viral Solutions’ web design experts means businesses get access to a skilled team of graphic designers, copywriters, and developers who work on developing comprehensive PDF reports of the website audit and review and provide quarterly data reports. They also offer expert recommendations on how to further boost the company’s online presence. In this manner, the firm eliminates the stress of complex web design that keeps organizations from accelerating their business growth and market domination.

A Fresh Perspective to Marketing

Empowered by the extensive portfolio of services offered by Viral Solutions, countless clients have been able to revamp their marketing efforts. A perfect example would be Curt Landry Ministries, a church client of Viral Solutions that was looking to grow their online presence. Not only did they want to connect better with their community and draw in new visitors but also digitalize their church-giving transactions. “We helped them create a website that was not only creatively stunning but also user friendly, high converting, and brand focused. In addition, they also wanted to hold one-on-one personalized online prayers, and we provided them with the ability to live stream their service on a scheduled basis, allowing them to reach more people,” mentions von Ahn.

In short, Viral Solutions managed to not only optimize Curt Landry’s website rankings and create content marketing strategies that engaged users and drove the traffic but also handled a lot of the church’s email marketing, communications, and campaigns. In the nine years that Viral Solutions has partnered with Curt Landry Ministries, they have seven-folded their business.
"We design and create custom creative websites that drive business results. We build sites that load fast, rank in search engines, and compel users to take action now"

A testimonial from Curt Landry Ministries reads: “Viral Solutions was highly recommended to us by a friend. As a church and a ministry, we knew there was a need to reach a larger audience via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, and Viral Solutions helped us accomplish that goal. We appreciate the market research they do and the strategies they propose because we saw immediate results. In short, Viral Solutions helped us not only understand marketing but understand marketing to our audience and speaking to our audience where they’re at—not only organically but also growing the audience. The quality of their services and the fact that one doesn’t have to wait a week to hear back from them is what built the foundation of our relationship with Viral Solutions. It’s immediate and golden; you don’t get that kind of service these days. They are like an extension of your company.”

An Approach that Breeds Success

Building on its unparalleled capabilities, the company takes things a step further with a carefully designed client onboarding approach. The firm starts with a 50-point marketing audit to evaluate the client’s strategy and tactics and uncover where the true problem lies. “We check to see what they are doing correctly or what they are not and then grade all of that accordingly. We then give them a written report and have a zoom conference where we present to them all of our findings and recommendations,” reveals von Ahn. This is followed by Viral Solutions conducting a discovery session called ‘double your sales,’ where they give the client a proven formula and framework for predictable sales growth that they can start implementing immediately. The first session is free. However, if they desire, the client can also move forward on their own or hire Viral Solutions for a 90-day period during which the team will teach, train, and help them execute all of their strategies to double their sales.

That is not all! Viral Solutions holds month-to-month engagements for however long the client wants to partner with them. For over a decade now, via this approach, Viral Solutions has helped numerous clients across various sectors such as nonprofit, insurance, and IT grow and scale with custom marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the company places immense focus on upskilling its employees. “At least 20 percent of our employees’ time is dedicated to being spent on learning, improving their competencies, and staying up-to-date on industry and tactical changes within their purview,” explains von Ahn. Rather than just being the ‘doers,’ the team serves as ‘creators.’ This has helped them grow their project management exponentially.

Basking in the glory of such competencies, Viral Solutions will continue to innovate and be effective and efficient in helping its customers grow their business. As a part of its future plans, the firm intends to upgrade its business to keep up with the changing times. In that context, the company recently created podcast and video production for its customers. In the coming days, Viral Solutions plans on adding that as a service and internalizing it. “Ultimately, as Christine, our cofounder and co-owner, says, ‘Behind every great company is an obsessed marketer©,’ we are truly obsessed with being your full-service marketing agency and helping you grow,” concludes von Ahn

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Thomas Von Ahn, CMO, Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Viral Solutions is reimagining digital marketing as we know it— equipping small organizations with marketing strategy, copywriting, Infusionsoft, WordPress web design, social media, WooCommerce web development, and other services. On a mission to provide small organizations with assistance and services that facilitate business growth, Viral Solutions, as a full-service digital marketing company, empowers its clients with strategic planning, content marketing, website creation, maintenance, and engagement services. Backed by a highly adept and cross-functional team of CMOs, SEO experts, Social media experts, graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters, the company acts as a one-stop-shop for all marketing and digital marketing needs.