Technicolor Delivery Technologies, S.A.S. (dba Virdata): Creating a world of Smart Data and Connecte

Kurt Jonckheer, COO & Co-founder
In the space of utility, a door for a broad set of new opportunities has been opened by the recent advent of technologies such as big data, analytics and cloud computation. It is estimated by the business researchers that a new age of digital paradigm is on the verge. This they claim will thrive at the intersection of these trends and the data generated from profusion of interconnected devices. But all that data will be of very little value if it cannot be captured and analyzed in real time for utilization and monetization. In the light of this notion, Antwerp, Belgian based Virdata with offices in Los Altos,CA in collaboration with its strategic partners IBM, University of California (Berkeley), Ghent University, NetApp, among others, has built a cloud agnostic solution and tool chain that empowers firms with cloud based monitoring, management, and big data analytics services.

Virdata’s solutions allow organizations across the world to gain better insights into their consumption of services from the data generated by a multitude of devices. “We have built a platform that enacts different laws to supervise regulation, and provide visibility of consumed services and their prices to the end users,” explains Kurt Jonckheer, COO & Co–Founder at Virdata. “It is our elastic cloud infrastructure that aids us to offer commendable scalability and security to our customers.” This prowess in scaling, capability to manage millions of devices and maintaining them at low cost are some of the unique factors that play an important role in enabling Virdata to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

At Virdata, both types of information—stored data and data- in-motion—are put in use for analytics.
The process begins with the bi-directional distributed messaging layer supervising the acquiring of information, followed by processing, aggregating and filtering it. The data is then infused into data warehousing and real-time processing applications where the analytic processes will analyze the data and report on conclusions and recommended actions. Additionally, API’s are provided for the application development community.

To utility companies, Virdata offers device monitoring and management services. Through these, users are enlightened with the behavior and performance of the deployed devices. For instance, in case of an electric meter, Virdata’s technology allows users to know about various offers or promotion from electric companies such as introduction of new tariff plans, while it helps the company to simultaneously gather the data from the device for finding faults. The information from a plethora of connected devices in real time also helps utility companies to serve their consumers in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Targeting Market Acceleration with Strong Focus on Analytics

The reputation of the company is built not only on what they do but how they do it. Virdata has worked closely with best- of-industry suppliers of equipment, technology and expertise to provide property customers with the most efficient and cost effective utility service solutions available today. As part of the strategy, the company is planning to release an updated platform into the market. In the coming year, the whole focus of Virdata will be on attaining all the set goals and making Virdata to grow twice its current size with strong emphasis on the North America and European market.

Virdata-Technicolor Delivery Technologies

Los Altos, CA Antwerp, Belgium

Kurt Jonckheer, COO & Co-founder and Alan Mottram, General Manager, Patrick Goemaere, CTO & Co-founder Dirk van de Poel, Applications -Co- founder

Virdata is an IoT Cloud that connects, manages & monitors any type of device or application while collecting & analyzing large amounts of data in real-time.