Virtual IT: Tailored IT and Cloud Services that Boost Business Goals

Benny Petrank, Co-Founder and CTO and Lear Sharon, Co-Founder and CBO
The Israeli technology landscape is witnessing a skyrocketing demand for new and cutting-edge solutions as firms seek novel avenues to cope with the need for more innovation and advanced infrastructure. Good IT can make or break a business’s technology infrastructure as it affects the operational facets and overall brand image. Adding to this challenge are the evolving data safety, compliance, and customer support demands.

A firm backed by comprehensive IT expertise and a laserfocus on delivering outcomes that align with a client’s overall business goals, Virtual IT combines IT and cloud services expected from big players with personal, 24/7, and zero downtime customer support. It aims to provide trustworthy IT solutions that boost reputation and ensure its clients achieve their desired service efficiencies and business goals. Simultaneously, Virtual IT addresses the burgeoning need for leading-edge cybersecurity measures through its professional data-protection strategies, intrusion detection, and disaster planning services. Further proving its expertise, Virtual IT is one of the only two companies in Israel certified by CloudBlue to provide automated operation tools for provisioning and billing. Its strong partnership with Acronis also enables it to offer tailored and sophisticated data-protection solutions with great support.

“Solving client problems is one of our strongest drivers. I personally care about every one of our client’s IT issues and get excited every time we provide a creative new solution that enables smooth operations for them,” says Benny Petrank, Co-Founder and CTO of Virtual IT.

Over the years, the founders, Benny, CTO and Lear Sharon, CBO, have held practically all of the positions in the IT ecosystem from junior support positions to executive positions, and as a result, they have dealt with almost every scenario and have an instant, intuitive knowledge of issues and solutions. In addition, Benny and Lear both hold experience in founding one of the largest Cloud distribution operations in Israel.

Thanks to this, Virtual IT’s team has cultivated the knowledge and experience to provide impactful training and education on the IT solutions best suited to their customer’s business and budget specifications. Through its longstanding IT experience and seasoned C-suite, Virtual IT has established a proven track record of successfully overcoming existing and emerging IT and cloud ecosystem hurdles.
These competencies are backed by Virtual IT’s ability to consistently gain an understanding of the comprehensive challenges experienced by its diverse clientele across different market sectors.

“My partner Benny and I have never had an intentional strategic plan of “conquering competition,” it just developed organically. We have major clients that have been with us since the beginning because they get excellent service and we tailored solutions built specifically for them,” Lear Sharon, Co-Founder and CBO of Virtual IT.

Virtual IT’s most vital differentiator is IT driven by business, meaning that Virtual-IT first and foremost looks at the client business goals, its overall budget, and IT-allocated budget to tailor specific solutions for its clients. Another factor is the blend of providing robust IT and cloud services akin to big players with the personal, 24/7 support expected from independent, boutique vendors. This combined approach enables it to always fulfill client specifications and build an IT budget that aligns with their resources and existing skillsets.

Solving client problems is one of our strongest drivers. I personally care about every IT issue of our clients and get excited every time we provide a creative new solution, and I enjoy seeing huge operations that run smoothly because of that

Recently, Virtual IT assisted one of the biggest real estate companies in Israel in securing their IT infrastructure with the highest data security standards. Typically, achieving high standards requires companies to invest significantly in acquiring resources like licensed and skilled personnel. Virtual IT provided an alternative approach that supported the client in costeffectively establishing a hybrid cloud while migrating their backoffice services to Microsoft 365 and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) into the Acronis cloud. At the end of the collaboration, the customer’s IT and data security were markedly upgraded and equipped to handle emerging cyber-attacks. At the same time, the client’s back-office operations witnessed a significant boost in flexibility and reliability, making it easier for them to precisely monitor their monthly costs. The real estate company became highly secure and ready to mitigate any disastrous scenario while having more control over their budgeting and infrastructure capabilities with Virtual IT’s help.

Driven by a combination of immediate support with a tailored IT budget, deep understanding of problem resolution, and experience across many fields, Virtual IT remains a robust and longstanding IT partner ready to resolve all cybersecurity challenges.

Virtual IT

Netanya, Israel

Benny Petrank, Co-Founder and CTO and Lear Sharon, Co-Founder and CBO

Virtual IT provide a fresh, business-driven take on IT services, tailoring solutions that meet the exact business needs of their clients, in accordance to a pre-defined and accurate budget. The Company supplements their tailored approach with the highest level of computing services, with considerable savings in infrastructure and personnel to boost their client’s profitability

Virtual IT