Virtustream: Delivering True Enterprise Cloud Computing

Rodney. J. Rogers, Chairman & CEO
In today’s global marketplace, nearly every business decision is also an IT decision. But IT organizations are struggling to find the right balance between maintaining mission-critical systems and implementing new innovation for the business. They need a way to improve the performance of existing applications, reduce overall IT costs, and gain a level of flexibility that can help differentiate their products and services.

Most cloud computing offerings in the market today are only focused on low-cost, best-effort delivery. For many enterprise IT environments, this is not acceptable for the majority of their business-critical applications.

This is where Virtustream comes into the picture. Virtustream was co-founded in 2009 by Rodney. J. Rogers, current Chairman and CEO and Kevin Reid, current CEO and CTO of the company. The Bethesda headquartered company’s flagship product xStreamTM is the only cloud management software that delivers true enterprise class cloud computing. Available as a private Cloud, virtual private cloud or public cloud, xStream supports complex heterogeneous enterprise IT environments and multiple business models for cloud service providers. By using patented Micro-VM (μVM) technology, xStream is able to deliver application-level performance SLAs for both traditional and web-scale applications. μVM provides a single, unified metric for IT organizations to measure their usage of Cloud Computing resources, allowing businesses to pay for IT services on a truly consumption basis.

Enterprise Security and Migrating to the Cloud

While all businesses are looking for greater flexibility from their IT investments, concern about cloud computing security continues to be a critical factor when looking for ways to solve business challenges. Alongside, too often, business critical applications remain costly and stagnant because they do not appear to have a technology path forward. Virtustream xStream resolves these concerns by integrating multi-level security and encryption that provides trusted application environments that are continuously monitored and comply with industry and government regulations.
The deployment flexibility of xStream allows businesses to be confident that their applications and data are secure and protected, regardless of where they are deployed. Virtustream is able to help businesses migrate legacy applications to Virtustream IaaS platform to improve performance, reduce costs and to take full advantage of the power of cloud to deliver dynamic, scalable and agile IT infrastructure. xStream also enables production and mission-critical applications to take advantage of emerging technologies such as Big Data Analytics (eg. SAP HANA, Hadoop) and cloud advantages like agility, backup and disaster recovery.

Kevin Reid, CEO & CTO
Illustrious Clientele

Virtustream through their products and service have earned the trust of many companies. One such company is Lanx which is one of the fastest growing spinal implant companies in the U.S. and is on the frontlines of spinal advances through innovation. When this company needed an IT infrastructure flexible, scalable and reliable enough to expand with the company’s rapid growth, Lanx chose the Freeborders/Virtustream duo, which offered the best combination of enterprise technology and proven SAP expertise. Using Virtustream’s enterprise-class cloud technology and Freeborders’ project management, cloud migration and application management services (AMS) expertise, Lanx could take advantage of consumption-based pricing and mission-critical application assurance.

Virtustream’s services have also helped many other big players such as Veyance Technologies, exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear engineered products, SAP, Domino, Intel, EarthLink and Kawasaki amongst others. Virtustream’s offerings and technology have really been the cause of its growth from the beginning. Add to that the experience brought in by its leadership, the company may soon be heading towards achieving an IPO.


Bethesda, MD

Rodney. J. Rogers, Chairman & CEO and Kevin Reid, CEO & CTO

A provider of xStream™, cloud management software for private/public/hybrid clouds and Virtustream Cloud which provides secure, high availability, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to enterprises

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