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Derrick Wiemer, CIO & Chief Compliance Officer
As an IT professional with over 24 years of experience in system analysis and design, operations management, project delivery, and systems application performance management and monitoring, Derrick Wiemer, the CIO and Chief Compliance Officer of Visible Equity, knows what it takes to build a solid foundation of data in businesses. With an aim to simplify analytics in client businesses, Wiemer and his team at Visible Equity are meeting the evolving analytics needs with their flexible, cutting-edge, and cost-effective data warehousing, analytics, and reporting platform. Designed to help financial institutions better analyze data, meet regulatory and compliance expectations, and make data-driven decisions, the Visible Equity platform is in line with increasing demand for flexibility in data transfers, storage, and security.

“The lack of tools and systems to meet the business requirements, including securely warehousing and consolidating data from disparate sources and responding to data/reporting requests in a timely manner, poses a challenge for the CIOs,” says Wiemer. “Visible Equity not only makes the data storage, management, and consumption processes easy for clients but also leverages in-depth knowledge around their business needs, allowing us to provide meaningful standard reports and analysis. We provide users with tools to analyze data and create their custom reports without constantly pinging IT for access and support.”

Drawing on their internal expertise combined with the technological advances and clients’ feedback, the Utah-based firm builds “amazing” products for loans, applications, marketing, CECL, deposits, fair lending, peer analysis, and more. Backed by a dynamic team of statisticians, engineers, economists, and mathematicians, Visible Equity’s ‘amazing’ products are beefed up with ‘amazing’ customer support that ensures solutions are quickly implemented, and clients are fully trained to unlock high value from the products. That’s not all; “We strive to be thought leaders by providing amazing content (blogs, white papers, conferences, etc) to our clients and stakeholders, keeping them abreast of advancements and changes in our industry, including those in the regulatory environment,” adds Wiemer.

With Visible Equity’s loan analytics application, users can assess the level of credit risks associated with the individual borrower and portfolio.

We provide users with tools to analyze data and create their own custom reports without constantly pinging IT for access and support

Financial institutions can utilize collateral valuation models (AVMs) for residential real estate, commercial real estate, automobiles, and other assets. With this web-based application, businesses can monitor the performance of the portfolio for delinquency, charge-off, and profitability. After a thorough assessment, analysis, and monitoring, the users are ready to create reports. The data required for these reports is fetched from a data warehouse that underpins the application and harbors information from clients’ core processor, third-party processors, loan origination software, and spreadsheets.

The firm has already turned the corners of numerous businesses with its cutting-edge applications. The value proposition of Visible Equity can be best explained with a case study involving a financial institution that spent hundreds of human hours producing reports each year. The client sought a solution to improve the report generation process; Visible Equity was an obvious choice. With Visible Equity’s advanced functionalities and cutting-edge application, the client could navigate and produce the financial reports at the click of a button. Today, the financial institution relies on Visible Equity for analytics reports and workflows and focuses on key reports such as Profitability, Concentration Risk, Credit Score Migration, and LTV’s Exceeding 100 Percent.

Wiemer accredits the strong growth of the company to the flexibility and security of the platform, combined with proprietary methods for deploying analytics and a support team that is an extension to the clients and truly listens to client needs. The company acknowledges that product improvement is a continuous process to ensure client success and so Visible Equity’s product and development teams have multiple sprints in process at all times. Evidently, the team aims to improve and expand all areas that range from data warehousing to sales and support. With a sheer focus on providing real value to the clients, the company is set to trace a curve of growth in the future.

Visible Equity

Salt Lake City, UT

Derrick Wiemer, CIO & Chief Compliance Officer

Visible Equity offers a flexible, cutting-edge, and cost-effective data warehousing, analytics, and reporting platform

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