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Rob Jolliffe, Managing Member
As technology transforms existing business models and gives rise to new ones. IT departments continue to purchase services to solve organizations’ specific problems and deliver best of breed solutions. However, many times, they lack the vision and capabilities to see the larger picture of expanding the use cases throughout the organization to maximize the investment. This occurs because IT staff is frequently hired for their niche abilities; but, they may lack the depth and breadth of experience to take advantage of opportunities that are present in the organization. “As a result, IT architecture, Security Operations, Compliance, and Business Analytics are often silos without any real leverage of capabilities between them,” says Rob Jolliffe, Managing Member, VisiCore Technology Group. The company addresses these challenges by providing disruptive Splunk managed and cloud services that deliver immediate value across the organization with much lower operational and financial risk.

“Our years of IT leadership combined with our Splunk Services are unique and focused on providing maximum value of a Splunk investment or a proposed investment,” adds Jolliffe. Providing comprehensive managed services for security, IT operations, compliance, and business analytics, VisiCore eliminates the need to maintain local staff or expensive IT infrastructure. VisiCore consultants are unique among Splunk consultants given their 20+ years of IT leadership and operational experience. VisiCore’s managed services are offered for on-premises, public, private, hybrid (including AWS and Azure), and on VisiCore’s own Splunk Cloud. According to Jolliffe, one of the important trends in IT services is the consolidation of Managed Service offerings to achieve business goals without getting mired down in IT operations and associated expenditures. “VisiCore is focused on building and offering disruptive Splunk Managed Services that address service and capability gaps while fulfilling requirements of IT services, security and operational components,” explains Jolliffe.

The company believes that in order to provide professional Splunk consulting and managed services, they must have expertise in supporting all disciplines of IT service delivery, including security optimization.

Our years of IT leadership combined with our Splunk Services are unique and are focused on providing maximum value of a Splunk investment or proposed investment.

By leveraging their experience and knowledge, VisiCore provides comprehensive consulting and managed services to improve time to ultimate value for Splunk investments. “Our Splunk architecture experience combined with our custom Splunk SIEM components (named LogCore) provide immediate and unique value to each client,” adds Jolliffe.

The jewel of VisiCore’s innovation lab is the ever-expanding capabilities of their exclusive technology labeled as LogCore. This technology is a large set of Splunk SIEM custom apps that are continually updated to meet evolving world conditions. Recently, VisiCore was engaged by a large consulting firm to design a SIEM solution to replace ineffective costly services. After meeting with the client, the VisiCore team determined that Splunk with LogCore could not only quickly meet the client’s needs, but also deliver a robust analytics service to address other gaps. As a result, the organization has been able to identify and manage previously undetected security threats with significantly less resources and financial investment.

Forging ahead, VisiCore will continue to look for opportunities to apply innovative services by expanding their Splunk partnerships to deliver comprehensive Apps for SEIM, IT operations, and business analytics. “Our goal is to provide excellent Splunk services that offer substantial organizational value, optimal cost management, distinguished consultants, and immediate value to organizations,” concludes Jolliffe.

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Rob Jolliffe, Managing Member

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