Vision Software: Helping Hospitals Provide a Better Patient Experience

Chris Patterson, VP-Operations
With patient satisfaction touted as one of the top priorities in the health care industry today, hospitals can no longer risk getting comments such as “It’s been two hours and I haven’t received the food I ordered!” Many healthcare systems are pioneering a culture change to move towards a 5-star customer experience. This change can create challenges for the foodservice department. For instance, time and preparation of multiple dishes to support the menu, proper order taking, and patient dislikes resulting in duplicate meal orders are just a few of the challenges they face. Vision Software Technologies, a Goodlettsville, TN-based company is helping the healthcare foodservice industry to overcome these challenges by providing comprehensive solutions for diet office management, room service, production and clinical nutrition that support versatile, patient centered care.

Vision Software’s Diet Office application automates the hospital’s diet office with real-time maintenance of patient records, manipulation of individualized patient menus, and management of prescribed nourishments/supplements. The Diet Office and Menu Management applications function in tandem with the Diet History application, using an electronically maintained patient record that can be used by both clinical professionals and diet office personnel. “It supports a ‘call center’ approach to meal service, placing each patient’s menu in front of the foodservice team in real-time.

Personnel can view the diet order, along with any special restrictions and requests,” explains Chris Patterson, the VP of Operations, VisionSoftware.

To answer the important “where is my food?” question, Vision developed Tray Tracker, a real-time wireless technology, assists the foodservice team in monitoring room service processes from start to end. Leveraging the latest boom in mobile technology, the company offers the ability for the food service team to track the tray from the time a patient places the order, through meal assembly, all the way to the delivery to the patient.

Vision Software has been serving the hospital food service industry for over 30 years.
The company has brought out many first-in-the-markets, ranging from a production application that helped cook-chill and cook frozen food back in 1982, to the SaaS hosted platform in 2002, and the latest innovations including Insulin, Isolation Alerts and hosted interactive TV systems. “Our SaaS–Hosted platform provides a solution to help foodservice directors overcome capital budget challenges to obtain the software needed to support the foodservice operations as well as the hospital’s capital requirements,” says Tracey Turnquist, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vision Software.

Helping food and nutrition leaders make a difference in the lives of patients and customers in their care through excellence in food service informatics and extraordinary support

The company’s web-based system with centralized administration has enabled rapid deployment for the hospital food service systems. In one such instance, Vision Software had implemented system-wide food service software to Health Information Technology Services Nova Scotia (HITS-NS), one of the first organizations to adopt IT in the Canadian health care sector. Thirty-two facilities are already utilizing the software with a plan to implement 15 more facilities. This will complete the provincial vision of a single system solution for the entire organization.

Vision Software wants to continue its streak of innovation in the healthcare food service industry by leveraging Smart technologies. They are working on mobile applications that will help dieticians, pharmacists, and catering personnel provide a better patient experience.

Vision Software Technologies

Goodlettsville, TN

Chris Patterson, VP-Operations and Tracey Turnquist, Director of Sales and Marketing

Vision Software is a food service technology provider focused exclusively on the healthcare sector.