Visiun: Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence for the Hospital Laboratory

Thomas Joseph, President & CEO
You can expect what you inspect.” W. Edwards Deming, instrumental in improving the quality of manufacturing processes, provided important insight for managers. “Abiding by Deming’s insights, our analytics support the practice of daily management, following key metrics on a daily basis, not just weekly or monthly,” states Thomas Joseph, President and CEO, Visiun. The genesis of Visiun began in 2008 with a Lean consulting project for one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. “We developed an analytics tool, Performance Insight, which allowed managers to monitor turnaround time performance. From there, we developed a comprehensive suite of reporting covering workflow, productivity, quality, test and blood product utilization and many others,” adds Joseph.

With Performance Insight, the primary focus is to configure the user experience so the managers of the lab can use it on their own. “Visiun breaks the mold of lab relying on IT to run reports. Information is now at the lab directors’ fingertips, no more waiting weeks or months for a report,” elaborates Denis Burke, CTO, Visiun. Performance Insight also offers both pre-lab and in-lab metrics, where laboratories can compare their performance to their peers, from 25 bed hospitals to leading academic medical centers.

Visiun also delivers population health reporting and predictive models with their comprehensive analytics tool to enable laboratories to identify high-risk patients with both elevated patient risk and care gaps; supporting targeted interventions for care management respectively. “With these two novel features, we can help managers determine where to focus improvement efforts, and at the same time allow our clients to manage both clinical and financial risk of patient populations,” adds Joseph.

Apart from improving performance, quality, productivity, and patient care, the firm is also helping hundreds of managers across the country to manage their teams more effectively with Performance Insight, which supports the essential practice of daily management,” says Joseph. “Our clients are achieving immediate gains in performance, productivity, quality, and are realizing best practice levels of performance.”
Denis Burke, CTO
One reason why Visiun is the leader in the field of laboratory analytics comes down to their unmatched depth of analytics. With their flagship product, Performance Insight, the firm provides a wealth of rich reporting and analytics to help with improvements in performance, productivity, and quality. “There are a lot of great tools in IT–many of which are applicable to healthcare. Our observation has been that most of these tools are not usable by most of the people who need them,” adds Burke. As an analytics firm, Visiun stays on top of the latest developments in databases, data mining, big data, analytics, and visualizations and also go to great lengths to deliver these technologies to their clients in a way that non-IT can leverage them. Also, the firm minimizes any typical barriers to deploying an IT system. Deployment has been as quick as two weeks. “We do not require any hardware installation or any backend data center software, reducing the burden on IT,” says Burke.

Visiun breaks the mold of lab relying on IT to run reports, information is now at the lab directors’ fingertips, no more waiting weeks or months for a report

Joseph expects Visiun to continue to grow Performance Insight into other areas of healthcare and ensure the product evolves with the needs of their clients. “While we still have a lot of growth potential in the U.S., we are also expanding internationally and expect to have more to say about this in 2017,” concludes Burke.


Ann Arbor, MI

Thomas Joseph, President & CEO and Denis Burke, CTO

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