Boosts Client Profits through Innovation

Todd Grannis, CEO and founder of offers greater billing and management solutions for WISPs. Entrepreneurs think differently than other high achievers. True entrepreneurs prepare for their next challenge before the dust settles on their latest victory.

Grannis, is a genuine entrepreneur. He got an early start in technology, co-founding Chatlink, a software that became the world’s largest Bulletin Board Service (BBS) chat network before the internet opened to the public.

As the internet took off, Grannis innovated new technology to help his BBS customers and computer stores become the first internet service providers. His automation software allowed them to become virtual ISPs—hence the name “Visp” which means Virtual ISP. His automation technology was popular with Wireless ISPs who wanted to streamline billing and operations. Visp has now focused like a laser on services that optimize growing WISPs.

How can a WISP make sure a system like Visp is a fit? Grannis addresses this challenge by hosting group video calls with WISPs each week called “CEO Roundtables.” The Visp team leverages thousands of hours of feedback from WISPs to build its features and designs. “CEO Roundtables give WISPs influence over the system they use every day. They review everything from the designs to the final product,” Grannis explained. “Roundtables have become a community where WISPs air their biggest issues with other WISPs who have often faced and solved the same challenges.”

Streamline for Growth

Businesses want solutions that streamline their work. WISPs are no exception. “Our goal is to make a WISP as efficient as possible and get operations out of the way so their team can focus on growth,” said Grannis.

Efficiency comes easy for their WISP clients. Repetitive tasks are managed by Visp’s software to free front-end staff workloads. Streamlined operations allow them to focus on more critical growth-related tasks passed down from managers. CEO and manager time is then freed up to focus on higher-level business tasks. That’s where WISPs get the most out of Visp’s innovation. For example:

● Accounts receivables are fully automated: PDF invoices are emailed to “due” subscribers automatically. Automatic payments can be set up by subscribers or WISPs can require accounts to autopay.

Giving full control of the receivables function to WISPs supports long-term financial stability and eliminates several long-standing challenges

● With HyperRadius™, the automatic suspension of past due accounts presents the subscriber with a captive payment portal based on the WISP’s payment policies.

● With SmartSession™, WISP front end staff can upgrade subscribers to faster, higher-revenue packages with a single click.

● With vPortal™ there’s no need for the WISP to build and maintain a subscriber portal or website. Subscribers can manage their services, review payment history and make payments online, all integrated within one turnkey system.

● Automate late fees for due and past-due accounts to reduce receivables and train subscribers to stay current.

● Subscribers who travel can self-hibernate their accounts until they return saving phone calls and raising subscriber satisfaction.

Network Innovation: Double the ROI on an Existing WISP Network

Now with streamlined account management in place, a WISP’s next major challenge is to optimize the performance of their network. Visp’s most recent announcement is a premium software option that improves subscriber satisfaction and doubles the capacity of a WISP’s existing network to proactively optimize network flows. It’s like a fifty percent reduction in one of a WISP’s largest costs. This solution is integrated with Visp and now within reach of any WISP.

Grannis maintains an active queue of WISP-driven innovation that continues to improve WISP profits and solve their challenges. Stay tuned for more exciting innovation from this true entrepreneur with a heart for your success.


Beaverton, OR

Todd Grannis, Founder and CEO

Provides groundbreaking automated billing and invoicing software to the WISP market