Vistar Technologies: A True End-To-End Solution for Streamlining the Contracting Process

Myra Ameigh, President and CEO
Contracting organizations have an overriding desire for a true end-to-end contracting process that integrates contract data with related functions and streamlines the entire contracting process. Including self-service tools and electronic signature capabilities into the solution makes the contracting process easier, streamlines the contract completion process and provides considerable cost savings.

“Integration, security and controls are serious challenges for many companies managing Enterprise Contract Management. We find companies are often operating in silos with manual processes where important data is locked in documents and images. Industry systems are so focused on the contract document and electronic signature that the software fails to support crucial integration, workflow and control functions,” says Myra Ameigh, President and CEO, Vistar Technologies. Headquartered in Wellington, FL, Vistar Technologies offers an automated end-to-end enterprise solution that addresses these concerns. Vistar’s flagship offering, eVIPs, is a contracting, credentialing and network management solution that allows contracting teams to automate and streamline their contracting process.

“We offer a true enterprise solution where all contract elements exist in the database as retrievable data. All contract development activities are captured,” explains Myra. eVIPs captures sentinel contract details such as dates, rates, terms, and negotiated contract language making the data elements reportable and available for downstream integration. The contract and negotiation details are directly available for compliance audits instead of being stored in notes, spreadsheets, emails or the contract document itself, where they often must be manually extracted. “eVIPs gives our clients the tools to support contract performance analysis and the ability to proactively plan for new contracts terms, which allows them to meet their overall business objectives,” Myra says.“The contract documents are generated and stored with electronic signature functions, but they are the artifact of the data captured during the entire contracting process. This simplifies audits, analysis and allows for management control over the negotiation process.” eVIPs also includes automated workflow where alerts instantly update the users dashboard based on preset data conditions and activities. “Our highly functional dashboard drives productivity so that the most important tasks and contracts are addressed based on specific client workflows,” Myra explains.
“New contracts, requests from other departments, and contracting negotiation elements are immediately available for action on the dashboard.”
eVIPs includes sophisticated links between contract document templates, language libraries and rates and terms tables, which simplifies building contracts for repeated use with pre-approved alternative language and negotiated terms. The contract negotiators can easily select documents and choose pre-approved negotiated terms by contract section which Myra points out, “significantly decreases the time to complete the contract approval and improves overall contract management metrics.”

“Vistar Technologies has always, and continues to, focus on market demands, accreditation standards, legislative requirements and client needs to guide our future system features and design strategies. Vistar is always looking forward and working to address the challenges in the enterprise contract management arena to ensure that their clients have the most technologically advanced contracting generation, data management, and tracking tools available.”
Healthcare companies who require a strong tracking system with simple automation for enrollment and contracting are turning to Vistar Technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for their day-to-day work functions.

Our highly functional dashboard drives productivity so that the most important tasks and contracts are addressed based on specific client workflows

Vistar Technologies offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution or Cloud-based option), Dedicated Hosting, and Client-Hosted options for deployment of the eVIPs solution. Myra concludes that, “Vistar Technologies excels at providing the software solutions that companies require for effective and comprehensive contracting, credentialing and network data management with highly configurable automation and workflows.”

Vistar Technologies

Wellington, FL

Myra Ameigh, President and CEO

Provides end-to-end contract management, credentialing and network data management including pre-contract, contract renewal negotiations and reporting on all data elements from the contracting process.