VistaVu Solutions: Enhancing Operational Efficiency for Energy Services

Jory Lamb, President & Founder
Winning customer loyalty is a challenge for any business. President and founder of VistaVu Solutions, Jory Lamb and his team of experts, use effective communication models, strong customer relationships, innovative business applications, and technological advancements as stepping stones to win customer loyalty—a unique thought that enables VistaVu to offer tailored management software solutions in the ever-growing energy services sector. Ever since its inception in 1996, VistaVu has been winning customer’s by implementing operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness in their business practices.

However, along with tremendous growth comes a set of fresh challenges and the energy industry is no exception. Lamb points to booming technological advancements as the key focus area for the current energy sector. “There is a movement towards mobility and analytics in the market. Customers are striving to adapt the latest trend to introduce new processes and manage growth,” elaborates Lamb. To maintain an edge, organizations need to streamline processes and find better ways to access accurate information instantly. “Our integrated and adaptable energy services business management software solutions offers end-to-end streamlining and our analytics solutions improves visibility for better decision making,” says Lamb.

VistaVu’s award-winning solution, FieldVu, offers an easy- to-use interface that allows monitoring and managing all aspects of operations for an energy services company —from initial job and contract set-up, to maintenance, billing and payroll. “FieldVu enables businesses to improve productivity, reduce costs, anticipate challenges and seize new opportunities like never before,” says Lamb. VistaVu also offers web-based software tools, to collect and transmit data on equipment and materials usage from the field, through any web- connected device. “Our goal is for data to move seamlessly from the field into SAP Business One and FieldVu, allowing for faster, more accurate invoice creation,” remarks Lamb.

To reflect on VistaVu’s implementation success, over 100,000 hours strong, Lamb cites an interesting case study—an innovative formation evaluation technology provider with global presence approached VistaVu with the need to effectively standardize their geographically distributed organizations on a single accounting system.
“They were looking for a single system to integrate all their data, which could be implemented in over 50 locations globally,” says Lamb. VistaVu was successful in automating their accounting data entry processes, saving more than 20 working hours each month and allowing the controller to spend more time on strategic planning. In another example, VistaVu streamlined and enhanced the operations of an Alberta-based manufacturing and maintenance project company to reduce their manual processes and increase efficiencies. “Within a short span of time, we successfully implemented a single integrated system with efficient reporting and tracking capabilities to avoid duplication of effort and accuracy issues. Our solutions increased the client’s ability to manage inventory and fixed assets more effectively,” adds Lamb.

VistaVu believes in three key strengths that make them unique from their competitors—“Robust products developed with years of industry-driven knowledge, our dedicated team of experts with over 230 years of industry experience, and tried-and-true, end-to- end process and practices,” says Lamb.

Our integrated and adaptable energy services software solutions offer end-to-end streamlining to improve visibility of one version of the truth for better decision making

With offices in Canada and the U.S., VistaVu has clients from Ft. St. John British Columbia to the Gulf of Mexico. On the horizon, “We are embracing new in-memory computing technologies which will push big data and analytics even further than where they’ve been, ” says Lamb. With a strong focus on SAP HANA and mobility solutions, the company is looking forward to innovative and exciting products that have the potential to change business operations in the field–basically, the way energy services companies do business.

VistaVu Solutions

Houston, TX

Jory Lamb, President & Founder

VistaVu is a leading business management software provider that has the industry experience, tools, and tailored energy services software solutions to help companies in the energy services sector streamline their business operations and accelerate their growth.