Visual BI Solutions: A Frontrunner in Turning Big Data into Good Data

Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder & CEO
The next big thing in the big data landscape is to find strategies that proficiently capture ‘good data.’ Having learned the benefits that organizations can reap from big data strategies, CIOs are keen on exploring the possibilities that can be driven from the data—more business agility, more self-service, real-time ability and mobility. “What should we capture? What can data tell us? – are two common questions plaguing the CIOs,” observes Gopal Krishnamurthy, CEO, Visual BI. Krishnamurthy has been working with data for most part of his career and founded Visual BI with the aim to be the niche provider in delivering end-to-end BI and analytics solutions – from strategy and analytics to visualizations and software products. Considering the overwhelming number of solutions available for CIOs in the market today, Visual BI helps them navigate and offers custom big data strategies. “We are not just system implementers; we are experts in enabling actionable insights with all-in-one solutions,” says Krishnamurthy.

The company’s objective is to identify the business value opportunities and present the possibilities in a packaged, anytime and anywhere solution to turn our customers’ big data into good data. While Opensource and Hadoop offer numerous options, CIOs are still wary of the right technology they need—this is where Visual BI comes in. With a strategic and management consulting based focus Visual BI covers industry and domain specific solutions, cloud based analytics and custom visualization solutions. Calling itself an ‘all-in-one BI Enablement Firm,’ the company offers innovative software solutions and tools in collaboration with SAP BI/BW, HANA, and business objects. “From EDW to analytics to visualization UX to software development, we have 360 degree expertise,” expounds Krishnamurthy.

Besides educating and guiding organizations with tool selection, Visual BI has expertise in data warehousing, overall custom big data strategies, and Opensource technologies.
The company lays a roadmap through which organizations can automate their operational data, which would further help them make well-informed business decisions in real-time.

Reflecting on the common challenges faced by organizations today, Krishnamurthy states “A lot of companies realize that they don’t have the fundamental structured data in order to make use of the big data.” Addressing these challenges, Visual BI gives companies the ability to achieve a complete loop that blends both structured and unstructured data and delivers ability to access, analyze and drive insights from data. The company is currently assisting a large manufacturing organization identify and leverage the opportunities within their big data by capturing structured data from its products’ sensors. The data captured through their solution will help improve parts’ service and maintenance. Visual BI is working on a full end-to-end solution to help them achieve predictive maintenance on the full lifecycle of their product’s parts.

We are not just system implementers; we are experts in enabling actionable insights with all-inone solutions

“I inherently believe in making all things that seem impossible, possible,” states Krishnamurthy. Applying the same in the big data arena, he says, “We want to create every opportunity possible using data and analytics so that clients can become more informed and predictive with their business.” From big data strategies, analytics, and dashboards to BI software and applications, Visual BI will continue to keep pace with the big data trajectory through innovation.

Visual BI Solutions

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Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder & CEO

Provides SAP BI/BW, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA and SAP BPC, and Visualization tools such as SAP Dashboards, SAP Lumira, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire