Visual Unity: Designs and Delivers Turnkey Broadcast and Multiscreen Solutions

Tomas Petru, CEO
The thought from Tomas Petru, resonate into actions across Visual Unity, a company which addresses both the operational and business requirements of today’s media organizations. Based out of the picturesque settings of Prague in the Czech Republic, Visual Unity is a multiscreen solution provider, bridging the gap between linear broadcast, IT and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to help clients reach and engage audiences on any screen.Visual Unity is in pace with the video mobility space; the fastest developing industry to offer vuMedia platform that helps broadcasters and content owners control, manage and monetize their assets and their brand in a multiscreen environment. The technology can support pre-paid, post-paid and subscription scenarios for the client’s unique business needs. vuMedia’s universal modular architecture allows exceptional flexibility and scalability to deliver a live viewing experience on the web, mobiles or any connected device, comprehensive Video on Demand services, social network integration & secure content distribution–all integrating into existing workflows and business processes.

In the mobile space, the fast evolution of emerging technologies is creating discrepancies in different geographic locations. The trend for a particular device varies across sub geographies and this pose challenges for the content owner to deliver content across myriad devices.

“The vuMedia platform integrates all these technology fragmentations under one umbrella.Our technology is compatible with thousands of devices across industries and with different payment models,” says Petru, CEO, and Visual Unity.Visual Unity’s vuEasy is the Online Video Platform that allows companies a quick and easy way to manage and monetize their audio, video and image libraries.
This cloud based service deploys assets across multiple devices, screens and media formats to reach new audiences and simplify production workflows. Using secure Media Asset Management, the content can be delivered to any screen.

Visual Unity’s vuNet is a distribution platform which allows clients to effectively ingest, manage, monetize and distribute their audio and video assets to set-top-boxes and Smart TVs, over the Internet to web browsers, or to any mobile device. vuNet connects seamlessly with global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and cloud-based services. In regions where cloud access is unfavorable to the content owner, they stand to benefit from Visual Unity’s own CDN with a current installed capacity of more than 130 GBps and more than 400 TB storage spaces, capable of supporting tens-of-thousand concurrent users.

“Happy customers make you happy,”-Thomas Peru

Since 1991, Visual Unity’s team has been designing and delivering turnkey broadcast and complex multiscreen solutions worldwide. TopFun, the first and largest online video store in the Czech Republic and Slovakia had ambitious timescales to launch. The new solution that TopFun required had to deliver highquality content and a cutting-edge viewing experience, whilst avoiding large investments and installation risks. To achieve TopFun’s goals, the vuMedia platform was implemented to incorporate secure, live multiscreen content distribution to any mobile device and on-the-fly transcoding of 15 live channels in SD and HD quality. In the coming years, Petru envisions better products and services that can resolve most customer expectations regarding infrastructure fragmentation, and devices and that can tackle cultural differences. The run up, he says will be towards digital unity, with a human touch.

Visual Unity

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Tomas Petru, CEO

Helps clients deploy their assets across multiple devices, screens and media formats.

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