Visure Solutions: Integrates Requirements Management Into The ALM Ecosystem

Joe Cisneros, CEO
Requirements are the most critical element in the development of complex systems whose absence or delay can lead to the issues of lower quality and productivity, increased development costs and, definitely, time-to-market. To address this concern for the aerospace market, Visure Solutions, ‘The Requirements Lifecycle Company’, has stepped up and assisted customers in Requirements Engineering.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Visure Solutions provides customers with Requirements Definition and Management activities such as requirement capture, analysis, verification and validation, with adequate change configuration and control management, and has added traceability of the requirements to the rest of the project elements. Visure Requirements is a flexible and complete Requirements Engineering tool, capable of streamlining the software requirements process as part of the hardware and mechanical definition practice. It includes a whole lot of other services like Quality Management, design, version control, project and change management.

Visure Solutions’ Requirements Lifecycle Management (RLM) platform performs a number of services and helps customers in reducing training time and inter-stage transition times, eliminating human interface errors and time delays, automating repetitive tasks and tool data migration among similar discipline tools. “We are attempting to replace and modernize requirements management modules imposed by existing ALM suites,” says Joe Cisneros, CEO of Visure Solutions.

The company offers requirement elicitation, a tool which gathers all the necessary requirements from different sources and establishes collaboration between them. Through Requirement Traceability software, the firm traces the feasibility of the particular requirement part as a software, hardware or electrical requirement, which can be later traced all the way down to the software and testing. “We bridge the gap between requirements and test and verification which is of key importance in the aerospace industry, as all testing must be requirement based to comply with DO178b/c,” says Moustapha Tadlaoui, VP and COO of Visure Solutions.
This procedure is followed by Quality analysis to keep a check on the inconsistency of the product requirement. Report Manager assists customers in customizing the report with context of metrics and logo in order to work with different dashboards.

The company provides end-to-end traceability between all requirement-related artifacts in one single environment, through the integration with other tools of the lifecycle. Requirements for aerospace standards such as DO-178B and DO-254 are dynamically traced through all stages of development, ensuring that each requirement is mapped to specific code/ hardware item that is tested and verified and that all code/hardware items written correlate with project specifications.

“Aerospace is completely software driven now, making the entire requirements space considerably more complex. The requirements modules within the ALM platforms are developing at the same rhythm as the market, but are lacking in critical functionality that most of the customers require. We have provided many customers with ways to solve this problem and showing them a roadmap of our products to match their future expectations and needs,” says Cisneros. According to him, Visure Solutions has seen a huge migration of customers from its chief competitor IBM’s requirement platform, to theirs.

Pertaining to the aerospace industry, Visure Solutions has a diverse clientele list starting from Airbus, Esterline, Lockheed Martin, EADS, Dinetics, DLR, Lufthansa, Kawasaki, and Partners such as International Technical Aviation Consulting, and Aldec. The firm extends its services to other verticals such as automotive, banking and finance, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and software factories.

In the coming year, the company aims at launching a Web version of its products, and eventually taking them to the Cloud.

Visure Solutions

San Francisco, CA

Joe Cisneros, CEO

A ‘Requirements Lifecycle Company’, specializing in the Requirements Engineering.