VivaKi: Empowered Marketing for the Digital Age

Frank Voris, CEO
People are on a quest for more information—they are not anti-advertising, they just want content to be meaningful to them. "We are making advertising less about broadcasting and intrusion and more about delivering value at the right time, in the right place and across the right devices. It might be a utility or a service we deliver—like a recipe to a busy mom at the grocery story,” says Frank Voris, CEO, VivaKi.

Chicago-based VivaKi tries to better identify, understand and locate customer connection points through data—social provides rich information about behavior and affinities; mobile sends signals about location; and weather impacts consumer behavior. All these data sets are layered into the company’s audience capability technology, which offers real value exchange with consumers.

VivaKi’s programmatic media buying solution, Audience On Demand® (AOD), safeguards client interactions in the vast universe Of digital marketing. AOD’s rigorous vetting process, VivaKi Verified, ensures that all media, data and tech components that Run through AOD meet appropriate brand privacy and safety standards. This process and other initiatives and partnerships Enable VivaKi to determine whether an ad is viewable—or seen by a person vs. running below the fold where it may never be Seen. The company partners with the likes of Google, comScore, Integral Ad Science and Vindico to better understand what it Will take to achieve true ad viewability across display and video. “Above all, we are brand stewards who help to keep brands Connected to audiences in the digital ecosystem. We are marketing and tech experts, who create more than just point solutioins — w e aim to build brand experiences that add value and meaning to a person’s day,” notes Voris.

The company’s offerings fall under three categories— Addressability, Dynamic Interaction and Data/Technology. AOD is an addressable solution that offers the ability to find the right person at moments of highest receptivity in real time, while taking into account the device they are on, geographic location and mindset.
Dynamic Interaction is the ability to deliver the correct, customized interaction to people, whether it’s content, entertainment or experience. The company’s Zodiac offering is a good example—this automated resource quickly and efficiently surfaces the most interesting cultural information around any given topic in digital media. And lastly, Data and Technology enable everything the company does. VivaKi has a centralized data service that serves as the backbone for all of the company’s offerings called SkySkraper. It funnels comprehensive data sets that can be custom sorted for a specific agency dashboard or client need.

We help brands connect with empowered people in an empowered age

Thanks to its full-fledged solutions, VivaKi finds traction in many market verticals including telecom, technology, financial services & CPG among others. VivaKi recently ran a campaign through Event Engagement Elevator (E3)—a product within its AOD suite that creates real-time, affinity-driven engagement across all digital channels—for an international beverage company that sought to promote its live performance at a popular music festival to both attendees and non-attendees via social media. During a six-day, real-time Twitter campaign, VivaKi focused on attendee and performer interests/affinities through their twitter handles. Bids were placed by AOD’s social team and updated in real time, based on performances and events throughout the festival. The campaign delivered a lower cost per engagement for the client, saving them money in the long run.

VivaKi constantly keeps an eye on the consumer journey, “We know our visibility into the consumer journey is changing, so we will continue to invest in audience-related capabilities, including the ability to transform complex data into actionable human insights, next generation storytelling and ways to support and scale relevant content for the audience,” says Voris.


Chicago, IL

Frank Voris, CEO

VivaKi is a division of Publicis Groupe that provides digital advertising solutions to connect brands to their most valuable asset: their consumers.