VivaLnk: Powering Innovative Wearable Technology

Jiang Li, CEO
There is a growing concern nationwide about the high rate of patient readmission. Early medical intervention through continuous patient monitoring can address this challenge more effectively. This can produce beneficial results, especially at a time when healthcare and wellness organizations are looking for better ways to improve patient care, increase staff efficiency, and reduce costs. With a goal to make vital monitoring seamless, VivaLNK, a Silicon Valley based organization, is at the forefront of developing FDA cleared wearable soft patches, medical devices, mobile application, and cloud services for continuous patient monitoring. The firm brings a refreshing change to this sector that is flooded with abrasive and bulky monitoring devices. “Our goal is to make vital monitoring seamless by creating a device that would continuously monitor all the major vitals on a wearable wireless patch,” states Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLNK.

VivaLNK’s wearable patches make vital monitoring comfortable and unobtrusive for patients. VivaLNK’s trademark eSkin technology is the backbone of all wearable devices. The technology comprises a breathable electronic substrate that makes the device comfortable yet durable for long-term usage. The small, wireless, and flexible patches continue to collect data while the patient is busy performing daily activities. VivaLNK’s focus is on the continuous gathering of medically accurate data that can be analyzed to better manage the patient’s health condition. To further optimize their eSkin technology, VivaLNK is continuously working to integrate different biosensors with eSkin to collect various physiological data, which in turn improves continuous health monitoring in the healthcare facility.

Currently, clinical trials are underway for VivaLNK’s Fever Scout, an FDA cleared wearable smart thermometer patch for continuous temperature monitoring that can help in early detection of infection and reduce hospitalization. Worn in the armpit like a mercury thermometer, Fever Scout is reusable, rechargeable and continues to monitor temperature data for seven days once fully charged. Once connected, the patch sends collected data to the patient’s mobile device. Fever Scout mobile application assists patients to record symptoms, track any irregularities and share it with the medical staff.

Our goal is to make vital monitoring seamless by creating a device that would continuously monitor all the major vitals on a wearable wireless patch

A doctor can send patients home with this patch and remotely observe their health condition. Medical staff that has access to Fever Scout mobile application can remotely observe the collected data and identify at risk patients and immediately take necessary actions. Furthermore, the application can be connected directly with the patient’s EHR through an API ensuring better information accessibility for doctors.

“Because different facilities and patients may be looking to track different sets of biometric data, we see ourselves as a wearable device, cloud, and data service providers,” the CEO observes. Li credits VivaLNK’s team of advisors with backgrounds in cardiology, emergency medicine, and IoT in architecting innovative products that greatly benefit the healthcare industry. The advisory group also assists the firm in comprehending various client needs and steers product development in that direction. With their input, Li remarks, VivaLNK is able to shape its devices and services that can be seamlessly operated and provide a good platform for data analysis.

Going forward, VivaLNK’s aim is to produce comprehensive patient monitoring solutions on a patch. The firm also has major innovative projects lined up. “We have other wearable patches set in the pipeline that will contain more advanced biosensor technology and provide comprehensive monitoring like a patch that will be used for continuous HR monitoring and Vital Scout. Though, Vital Scout will be a wellness device for sleep, activity, and stress monitoring,” Li concludes.


Santa Clara, CA

Jiang Li, CEO

Provider of wearable patches, cloud, and data services