Vivify Health: Enriching, Improving Remote Care through an Innovative, Intuitive & Flexible Platform

Today, Accountable Care is shifting healthcare focus to delivery models beyond a hospital, clinic or office. CIOs are now being challenged to manage technology outside their four walls and into patient homes, which can scale beyond their resource capacity. Fortunately, advancements with mobile devices, security protocols, broadband wireless connectivity and personal biometric devices enable solutions like Vivify’s Remote Care Management Platform to scale remote care while meeting security and privacy demands.

In the past, basic remote patient monitoring utilized complex proprietary devices requiring in-home setup. Today, Vivify Health has made it as simple as shipping a “remote care kit” to a patient’s home, with instant-on patient engagement. Vivify’s technology seamlessly integrates with existing information systems and clinical processes, easing IT department involvement with remote care. Additionally, Vivify provides 24x7x365 support directly to the patient, with the ability to monitor the mobile devices and remotely control them to resolve any technology issue.

Vivify Health, launched in 2009 innovating the first end-to-end remote care platform engaging patients via consumer electronics, wireless personal heath devices and the cloud, enabling “The Last Mile of Population Health”. Being first presented hurdles, such as scaling the platform to operate well in rural areas with poor connectivity, and integrating video conferencing for virtual visits. But the benefits far outweigh the barriers, with proven outcomes meeting the triple aim of better health, a better experience and lower costs. IRB Study results include Readmission Reductions of 65 percent, Reduction in Patient Total Cost of 90 percent, Positive ROI within the first few months, and Patient Adherence and Satisfaction scores above 95 percent.

Vivify enables the healthcare ecosystem to provide the last mile of population health for any condition, anywhere, anytime

This cloud based, content driven solution is flexible for any condition or patient demographic, and for integration into clinical workflows and HIT. Customizable User Interfaces are simple and engaging for both the patient and provider. FDA and HIPAA compliant, Vivify is white-labeled by the largest U.S. mobile network operator and under contract with large health systems representing over 500 hospitals.
Eric Rock, CEO
Vivify is very passionate about the experience that a patient or a provider has with the platform. “Nothing is more personally satisfying than watching a 92 year old, who has never used a tablet or smartphone in their lives, accomplish life changing interactions with technology and having fun doing it.” says Eric Rock, Vivify CEO, “Our typical outcomes of over 95 percent adoption and 98 percent satisfaction with our intuitive interfaces speak for themselves.”

What differentiates Vivify Health?

Simplicity–Easy to understand and use by virtually any patient means unmatched Patient Engagement and Satisfaction. Simple workflow and care plan integration, templates, and customization mean unmatched Provider adoption and accessibility. Simple architecture means unlimited deployment methods (self-deployed, bedside, etc.) on any device, anywhere.

Flexibility–Solution modules provide tiered service levels from phone support to IVR to multimedia educational content to video conferencing. Open Architecture allows configuration for unlimited clinical conditions, using a vast array of consumer electronics and health devices.

Services–As a clinically-driven organization, Clinician-to-Clinician consulting leads to streamlined clinical processes and workflows, designed for improved outcomes and ROI. Turnkey Services offerings like Kit Logistics and Medical Command Center eliminate complexities and enhance scalability while rich HIT integration experience streamlines desired data flows.

Continuously innovating, Vivify plans to rapidly expand the platform to go beyond acute care and deliver complete population health services on a single platform to any mobile device. “We will continue to refine our back-end platform, including risk stratification analytics to consistently improve clinical outcomes and the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery and patient experience,” says Rock. Vivify Health will continue to utilize advancing health technologies and communications to provide the best outcomes, value, and experiences possible.

Vivify Health

Plano, TX

Eric Rock, CEO

Provides cloud based connected care solutions for patient monitoring, education, communications, and more.