Vivonet: Delivering Cloud-based Hospitality Solutions

As technological advancements influence the travel and hospitality sector, there have been significant changes in customers’ expectations; this is leading to the demand for a higher level of engagement and benefits from the tools that companies are using to deliver services. Today, businesses are leveraging data mining trends to collect reams of information about consumers’ preferences and predict their behaviours, in an effort to create better experiences. Large reserves of transactional data are stored and captured by hospitality organizations in redundant Point-of- Sale (POS) systems which complicate the access, evaluation, and usage of the same to facilitate decision-making. With a goal to empower users through faster access of data for enabling quicker response to changes, Vivonet offers cloud and SaaS-based solutions that seamlessly manage information of all business transactions to derive relevant, actionable insights.

Vivonet was established with the objective of providing hospitality companies with highly flexible and powerful solutions that single handedly manage and streamline data deluge. “We launched our revolutionary product, Vivonet POS, with the combined attributes of easy-to-use cloud technology coupled with social and mobile features,” expresses Alaa Pasha, President and CEO, Vivonet. “This solution enables our customers to be more flexible while achieving a far higher degree of customer engagement, all with the reliability of our proven cloud platform.” The Vivonet platform allows organizations to manage a single table, an individual location, or their entire franchise chain from anywhere. Additionally, the cloud-based architecture enables the users to be free from the constraints of physical data storage and management.

Vivonet’s offerings can be categorized as Consumer, Operational, and Enterprise solutions that are powered by its proprietary cloud platform. “Our consumer solutions have been built to maximize customer engagement, and include products such as mobile app, kiosk, and a customizable API for richer integrations,” adds Pasha. “Our operational solutions improve the store-level efficiencies of businesses and include our cloud-based POS platform along with a powerful reporting suite for sales, labor, and inventory.” The enterprise offerings of Vivonet allow large-scale businesses to obtain insights from their data.

Vivonet offers cloud and SaaS-based solutions that seamlessly manage the information of all business transactions to deliver relevant, actionable insights

Further, the solution entails a proprietary Enterprise Manager platform as well as mobile and enterprise reporting solutions.

The functionality of Vivonet’s solutions is evident in the way they have helped customers—restaurants, quick-service businesses, hotels, stadiums and arenas, universities, and hospitals –to overcome business challenges. For instance, one of Vivonet’s clients and partners, Booster Juice, a global chain of premium juice and smoothie bars, was facing operational issues that were eroding the company bottom line. “The Vivonet implementation resulted in over $1.5 million annual cost savings and the client did not have to increase their IT headcount to help address their complexities,” asserts Pasha. “Additionally, they witnessed a significant increase in royalties from franchisees.”

The company has invested heavily in cloud architecture by moving their entire platform hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is providing increased stability and a high degree of scalability for customers who need it. Recently, Vivonet completed the development of their new online ordering product and Windows-based kiosk device. “We expect to release both of these solutions to the general public soon to help our customers enrich guest experience,” concludes Pasha. “At Vivonet, we continue to work toward ensuring that our partners deliver value to build loyalty and increase customer engagement.”


Vancouver, Canada

Alaa Pasha, President & CEO

Vivonet is a leading provider of consumer, operational and enterprise level cloud-based technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Its solutions provide hospitality businesses with insights and intelligence to help them unlock business potential and improve organizational performance