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Joe Hyman, Founder & CEO
Designing a web solution that drives growth and innovation in the travel and hospitality space is an onerous process, adapting to the sea of technological advancements. Vizergy® defies the odds by providing web development and smart data marketing solutions that drive more traffic to their clients’ websites and allow them to aggressively compete online. “Our promise to our clients is to provide the best technology, people, and programs to help grow their online revenue and business,” connotes Joe Hyman, CEO of the company. “We focus on one niche so we can be the best at it, and we are hyper-focused on the hospitality space.”

Founded in 1998, Jacksonville-based Vizergy® uses smart data marketing to help their clients understand the most profitable segments of the market and create web strategies that yield results in traffic, revenue, and website visibility. “Part of our DNA is listening to the needs of our clients while evaluating and understanding the industry trends to ensure our clients outperform their competition,” states Hyman. The company’s design team has launched over 60 innovative custom website designs in 2016 alone, fueling their international growth.

Vizergy’s growing global footprint includes partnerships with THE Melting Pot, Davidson Hotels & Resorts, and Hard Rock Cafes and Resorts, among others. Moreover, being partnered with great companies such as IBM and Adobe Analytics allows Vizergy® to find the best ways to properly advertise and portray the brand online and have all that data laid out for analysis on a single dashboard. “We continuously enhance our cloud-based marketing system and add new options,” explains Hyman. “There is a process that goes into understanding the data of why people travel to a certain area and then architecting a website and marketing solution for it.”

A vivid example of the company’s solutions includes the geo-tagging feature for THE Melting Pot. “What we did was to allow them to pin point the exact location of their customers visiting their website to show only the content appropriate for a particular city or area, summing up the customer experience in only a few clicks,” explains Hyman.

A lot of people can draw a beautiful picture, but what our clients really want is a selling platform

“A lot of people can draw a beautiful picture, but what our clients really want is a selling platform,” asserts Hyman. “The clients want to book rooms. They want the flexibility to add or pull in content from different platforms or integrate with other systems, and we provide them with a web solution that has the ability to perform all that.”

Hyman emphasizes the charitable spirit living within the Vizergy community. “I work the way I live. As a company, we work every day to get better results for our clients, our team members and our community,” affirms Hyman.

Adding to an impressive catalog of accolades, this year, Vizergy® was selected as Worldhotels Preferred Digital Hospitality Marketing Partner. “It’s a combination of working with great partners, listening to your customers, looking at the macro-trends, and probably the most important, hiring great people and investing in them that helps Vizergy® continue to stay ahead of the competition,” Hyman extols.

Forging into the future, Vizergy® is looking to develop new partnerships and maintain their organic growth in all aspects. “We want to be the best at what we do by understanding how to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time in a more sophisticated way,” concludes Hyman. “We will continue to develop solutions that can drive more customers to our clients’ websites in the most effective way.”

Vizergy - Digital Marketing

Jacksonville, FL

Joe Hyman, Founder & CEO

The company platform provides a powerful enterprise website marketing and management system. This cloud based solution currently powers 1000’s of hospitality clients worldwide. Manage your CMS, search engine marketing, utilize dynamic content, enable one-to-one messaging and much more.