VIZIMAX: New Technologies To Eliminate Mechanical And Electrical Stresses On Critical Equipment

Jean-Guy Lacombe, CEO & President
Founded as a result of a merger between electrical products manufacturer SNEMO, and the utilities engineering consulting firm STR, VIZIMAX offers proven, interoperable and innovative solutions that allow utilities, power equipment manufacturers and industrial system integrators worldwide to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. With over 35 years of experience manufacturing equipment for the energy market, VIZIMAX has well understood the utilities’ challenges which are grid reliability and stability, aging infrastructures, the need to value existing equipment to protect investments, rising operation and maintenance costs, without forgetting a future lack of expertise and human resources. With its own rugged products, the company is constantly addressing these major issues with innovative solutions.

VIZIMAX has developed two principal product lines to overcome utilities’ and industries’ major challenges. The company’s SynchroTeq product line is a Controlled Switching Device – CSD- used to control all new or existing medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Developed to optimize circuit breakers’ switching operations on all types of loads, SynchroTeq brings unsurpassed benefits for both the energy producers (utilities, IPPs) and the consumers (industrials, commercials).

The RightWON system is VIZIMAX’s other main product line. The RightWON consists of smart controllers designed to provide distribution and substation automation experts with a flexible and affordable all-in-one solution. The system brings key functions such as PLC, communication gateway; web operational HMI, remote management and local SCADA capabilities under one single rugged platform. RightWON platforms are scalable and field-upgradable solutions to allow upgrades to future standards while protecting existing investment by connecting legacy equipment. RightWON is also used when decentralized intelligence applications are needed.

Products developed by VIZIMAX are manufacturer agnostic and thus, can be used with equipment from any vendors.

All of our products can be installed on either new or existing systems/ products, and they also comply with all legacy standards

“Also, while developing our systems, we always keep in mind the importance of supporting legacy equipment. That being said, all of our products can be installed on either new or existing systems/ products, and they also comply with all legacy standards while still leveraging today’s technologies,” says Jean-Guy Lacombe, Chief Executive Officer and President, VIZIMAX.

As a small company, their offered services, such as technical support and commissioning assistance, can be tailored to the customers’ needs. VIZIMAX, along with its worldwide distributors and partners, also addresses international markets with its unique solutions. Some of the big names in its clientele include Hydro-Québec, Manitoba-Hydro, BC Hydro, Power Grid Corporation of India, Alstom Grid, CG Global, Hyosung, Schneider Electric and so on.

Always looking up for new market opportunities, VIZIMAX has recently implemented several units of its Controlled Switching Device – SynchroTeq Plus – in medium voltage industrial applications which represent a huge market as quantities of deployed equipment are a thousand times higher. Though the primary activities of the company has targeted high voltage challenges, VIZIMAX, after a careful market study concluded that the industry is facing the same problems on medium voltage systems and hence, the company has decided to address this market with continuous innovation and invention. In the meanwhile VIZIMAX looks to add and implement new features to its products and solutions thereby continuing its legacy as a leading worldwide Controlled Switching Device company.


Longueuil, Qc, Canada

Jean-Guy Lacombe, CEO & President

Vizimax offers proven, interoperable and innovative solutions that allow Power Utilities to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.