Vizuri: Going Beyond the Conventional Approach to Problem-solving

Joe Dickman, SVP
Often, even though many of the Red Hat partners are able to fulfill client’s requirements, they fail at getting to the core concerns underlying the issue. The most evident reason is the lack of experience in delivering specific solutions. However, Vizuri, based in Herndon, VA has distanced itself from the age-old practice of merely correcting issues. “We try to uncover ‘why’ clients believe they need a particular product. Through this approach, we receive a holistic view of their environment, and are often able to unearth additional needs,” informs Joe Dickman, SVP, Vizuri.

Vizuri has years of experience as an IT consultant with focus on modern software architecture, tools, and processes. The firm, as a premier Red Hat partner, understands that all organizations have their own cadence, personality, and ability or resistance to change. Vizuri’s core service offerings namely Enterprise Integration and Messaging, BPM/BRMS, Cloud Enablement, and Enterprise Full Stack are based on this realization. For example, a retail firm implemented a multi-channel retail solution utilizing JBoss SOA Platform. “Following our analysis of the scenario, we uncovered that this ‘point’ technology need was part of a much larger systems initiative that included many custom built systems, warehouse management system, order management system, eCommerce web store, and Point-of-Sale,” says Dickman. The final solution was devised after incorporating these requirements and was rolled out to more than 550 stores. The desired ROI was achieved within four months due to the visibility of inventory across the supply chain.

Vizuri also has a very strong set of repeat solutions within the insurance industry that leverage Red Hat Middleware technologies such as JBoss BPM/BRMS, JBoss Fuse, and Fuse Service works (FSW) and JBoss Data Grid.

Most insurance systems are based on legacy IBM iSeries machines that use gateways to access data and business rules.
“We have worked with all sizes of insurance companies to integrate these Red Hat Enterprise Middleware technologies within the underwriting, servicing, and claims departments. As a result, insurance companies were able to efficiently respond to market changes, make consistent and efficient decisions, and shorten their time to market for products,” adds Dickman.

Vizuri has a long track record of implementing SOA solutions, through the JBoss FSW platform in many industries such as retail, insurance, medical and government. These solutions range from traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies to the modern microservices that empower integration in the cloud. The BPM/BRMS, JBoss Fuse Service Works (FSW), and JBoss Data-Grid.Vizuri’s FSW solutions are typically coupled with the JBoss BPM/BRMS to provide an intelligent business process design. Thereby, business processes are able to integrate with one or more microservices that utilize rules to make intelligent decisions.

Talking about Vizuri’s cloud solutions, the firm enables clients to access the Red Hat cloud solution portfolio, which further serve as a platform for building, brokering, and automating cloud services at a significant scale. “Our clients are developing cloud application services with OpenShift Enterprise and leveraging Red Hat’s CloudForms to gain greater control and insight into their cloud environments. We see value in the hybrid cloud and are guiding our clients through the integration of public cloud services from Amazon and Google into their environments,” explains Dickman.

We try to uncover ‘why’ clients believe they need a particular product

In addition to being attentive towards the four Red Hat core service offerings, Vizuri plans on expanding their services to include IoT, Data Science and DevOps, in the upcoming years.


Hemdon, VA

Joe Dickman, SVP

An IT consultancy focused on modern software architecture, tools, and processes. Specializing in Red Hat emerging products, JBoss Fuse and Fuse Service Works, BPM/BRMS, OpenShift and CloudForms.