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Bernardo Starosta, Founder & GM
“In an era of sophisticated cyberattacks, Disaster Recovery (DR) systems play a more important role in the recovery of business-critical services and applications than ever before,” says Bernardo Starosta, Founder and GM of VM2020 Solutions. With over two decades of expertise in the DR space, he believes, however, that “even virtualized DR platforms often fail to meet customers’ agility and recoverability expectations.” Due to complexity and cost of infrastructure, software, and services, IT managers are reluctant to make the necessary changes to test and protect all the assets required by the business. “Being forced to choose what to test and protect due to IT complexity and cost can take a huge toll on enterprises,” he warns. To assist organizations along this vector, VM2020 provides DR automation solutions for hyper-converged IT infrastructures that enable DR managers to automate their business continuity workflows, conduct realistic DR and cyber drills, and achieve predictable Recovery Time Capabilities (RTC). “We are capable of protecting every virtualized IT asset of an organization across industries like finance and banking, law firms, and healthcare,” remarks Starosta.

EZDR, VM2020’s flagship DR automation software, simplifies DR management processes by eliminating manual intervention in reliably recovering IT assets. The DR solution, hosted and integrated with hyperconverged infrastructure platforms from SimpliVity, Cisco, Dell and others, helps organizations achieve their business continuity objectives for all required services in a fast, predictable, and cost-effective manner. The intuitive and easy-to-deploy system supports audit preparedness by predicting and proving recovery time capabilities during realistic DR drills— functionality previously unavailable to midrange systems. “We combine advanced deduplication, networking, replication, and fast recovery time, fused with automation, to enable business continuity managers to conduct full DR drills in a short time,” asserts Starosta.

Targeting the transfer of work automation processes, VM2020 leverages accelerated VM migration capabilities of the supported hyperconverged platforms to the fullest. “Customers sometimes need to proactively move workloads to a different location without invoking DR,” states Starosta.
Elias Benarroch, CTO
VM2020 facilitates automating the complete transfer of work process, in both directions, with minimal networking and infrastructure impact. Furthermore, EZDR makes use of the low-footprint, full-backup capabilities of the supported platforms to seamlessly restore and recover workloads and services.

To showcase VM2020’s strong foothold in the DR landscape, Starosta recalls a customer success story. A financial institution urgently needed to implement a DR system with enterprise-level operational capabilities. Law in the country the institution operated in, mandated financial organizations to periodically demonstrate high-level capabilities for running Transfer of Work tests, to securely recover critical business data in case of an emergency. VM2020 was engaged to accomplish the task. The company implemented a Hyperconverged Tier-1 protection system for ALL its workloads that also helped the client meet all compliance requirements. The customer was so satisfied with VM2020’s support that it now uses Transfer of Work as a routine tool for IT efficiency and resilience.

In addition to providing software solutions, to further optimize the benefits of EZDR and better comprehend the solution, VM2020 conducts automation workshops for DR as well as dev/test, migrations, and cyber resilience. “We help enterprises understand how they can maximize their risk mitigation efforts with the new solution and achieve industry-leading RTC metrics. The additional use cases beyond traditional DR reinforce the benefits of the business continuity program they run,” says Starosta. “We also help providers offering Disaster Recovery as a Service to use our software to deliver competitive DR solutions.”

VM2020 strives to deliver transformative technology solutions that users love to use, while simplifying complex operations in recovering critical data. Moreover, HP’s recently announced acquisition of SimpliVity further extends VM2020’s market reach—giving VM2020 potential access to customers with enhanced software features down the line. Moving ahead, “We are planning to accelerate the alignment between DR and cyber resilience. VM2020 has significant R&D and multiple projects awaiting patency in this regard.”

VM2020 Solutions

Bernardo Starosta, Founder & GM and Elias Benarroch, CTO

Offers DR automation solutions to simplify recovery processes

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