VM9: Enabling ‘City as Platforms’

Marcos Marconi, Co-Founder & CTO
A mudslide that ravaged the Brazilian city of Nova Friburgo in January 2011 ignited the brilliant minds of Marcos Marconi and Viviane Lessa. As ace technocrats, the duo developed a solution to alert citizens about imminent disasters through text messages which garnered immense appreciation. The solution came to be called FI-Guardian and became the flagship offering of VM9, co-founded by Marconi and Lessa. FI-Guardian could monitor, predict, and alert citizens about natural disasters. Subsequently, it evolved into FI-Guardian SmarTech—an integrated technology platform for smart city applications.

The IoT module in FI-Guardian SmarTech supports faster and scalable connections to create and manage networks of “things” such as smart meters and grids; the module defines rules to trigger events and automated actions within the IoT network. FI-Guardian SmarTech features a flexible and robust WebGIS module that captures, stores, manipulates, searches, and presents all types of geographical data along with collaborative mapping to gather events, documents, and multimedia galleries for efficient geospatial database management. The internal and external processes regarding operational and administrative activities are managed efficiently by the BPM module. Accessibility of data in each module is enabled through the productive systems of data management and open data that provide tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding, and using data. Content and service channels are designed to manage configurable thematic workspaces for content delivery and services which can gather multidisciplinary information from IoT, WebGIS, BPM, data management, and open data modules. Content and service channels support the creation of truly thematic portals of data, services, and interrelationships.

Built on open FIWARE technology, FI-Guardian SmarTech is an IoT solution that features advanced geo-processing support and open data to create and manage networks of things. It conforms to the trend of ‘City as Platforms’ for smart cities and can handle heterogeneous data. FI-Guardian SmarTech features a central component called Orion, where the contextual data from sensors is stored.

Every request sent to the backend of the solutions is intercepted by the PEP Proxy to handle authentication and authorization

Orion communicates with other modules such as Complex Event Processor (CEP), Cygnus, IoT Broker, and CKAN by issuing context notifications to the component seeking to communicate. In the case of pre-configured scenarios, events are automatically triggered. FI-Guardian SmarTech platform uses ProTon—the FIWARE Complex Event Processing GE—to create an event-driven application. The application data, both historical and contextual, is monitored for real-time implementation of sensing networks and citizen communication channels, disaster prevention, air pollution control, and sewage treatment.

FI-Guardian SmarTech analyzes huge amounts of data in a Cassandra database and handles sensor data using different protocols such as MQTT, LWMWM/ COAP, SIGFOX, and oneM2M. To enable state-of-the-art security, data authentication is fully based on OAuth 2.0. “FI-Guardian SmarTech supports the use of the Police Enforcement Point (PEP) Proxy. Every request sent to the backend of the solutions is intercepted by the PEP Proxy to handle authentication and authorization,” mentions Marcos Marconi, co-founder and CTO, VM9. PEP Proxy works with identity management that handles user life cycle functions.

Pacing forward, VM9 is in the process of inking a deal with an American and a Euro-Indian company for a commercial smart city venture in both Europe and Asia, leveraging FIWARE technology. VM9 is also upgrading its platform through a multimedia CAD Browser that enables the interconnection of IoT devices for smart city engineering projects. Through the venture, VM9 aims to serve all urban centers with its platform that supports the planning and execution of strategic digital transformation programs, thereby making cities more intelligent.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Marcos Marconi, Co-Founder & CTO

Provides an IoT platform to empower the ‘City as Platforms’ vision for smart cities