VmWare AirWatch [NYSE:VMW]: Redefining Consumerization of Enterprise Mobility

Pat Gelsinger, CEO
Enterprise mobility has proved to be an opportunity for organizational transformation. The burgeoning rise in the usage of employee productivity devices in the workplace is bringing in new business opportunities while reducing operating cost. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is playing a crucial part in consumerizing the IT infrastructure. As the consumerization of IT intensifies, businesses need to take effective management and security steps to ensure data and networks are protected in t he BYOD a ge. With an aim to meet this dire need, global Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution provider VMware AirWatch’s [NYSE:VMW] customer friendly BYOD program lets their customers’ employees use their personal devices to access corporate resources securely. The company helps organizations in deploying, managing and supporting all major smartphones and other devices across multiple platforms and operating systems. “VMware AirWatch provides best-in-class, secure, enterprise-mobile management service to thousands of businesses around the world,” says Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VmWare.

VMware AirWatch offers companies unprecedented device choice without compromising the security and management of mobile fleet by implementing a flexible BYOD program managed from one central management console. The company provides a flexible model for asset management, policy enforcement, and for distributing information, applications and content, based on device ownership type. Under VMware AirWatch’s BYOD program, employees can easily enroll their own personal devices without help from IT. The company also allows customers to avoid the business risks that are presented while allowing employee-owned devices to access corporate content by customizing ‘Terms of Use’ agreement. This ensures that employees are better informed about the information access limit through their personal devices.

VMware AirWatch further ensures confidentiality of employees’ personal information by customizing privacy policies based on device ownership. By utilizing VMware AirWatch Container, an enterprise grade solution, firms can ensure complete separation of corporate and personal data on a device, security of corporate resources and complete employee privacy. Likewise, administrators can remove access to corporate email, Wi-Fi and VPN when an end user un-enrolls or leaves the company.

VMware AirWatch provides best-in-class, secure, enterprise-mobile management service to thousands of businesses around the world

This way the company enables customers to perform an enterprise wipe without effecting personal content on employee device.

VmWare AirWatch has worked with world’s leading companies in several marketplaces; such as education, legal, finance, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation and more. In an implementation highlight, a leading American healthcare provider Intermountain Healthcare that was engaged with BlackBerry for both issued devices and device management, wanted to migrate away from their existing BYOD platform noticing the growing usage of android mobile platform. The client needed the ability to manage multiple operating systems in a single platform, meet healthcare compliance requirements, and maintain the necessary level of security and availability. Upon implementing VmWare AirWatch’s BYOD program, Intermountain Healthcare achieved higher flexibility and cost savings. The healthcare provider also met HIPAA compliance and regulatory demands and could maintain advanced security effortlessly.

The key differentiation of VmWare AirWatch lies in advancing integration in partner ecosystem, common development platform, broadest mobility solution set, multi-tenant and highly scalable architecture, and flexible delivery on both cloud and on premise. VmWare AirWatch has recently launched several new products, like AirWatch 8 and ACE.

For the future, VmWare AirWatch is keeping various ace ideas up its sleeves to maintain its position in the world of mobility consumerization.

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Pat Gelsinger, CEO

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