Voalte: Powerful Healthcare Communication Solutions

Adam McMullin, Chairman & CEO
The emergence of mandates like Meaningful Use of electronic medical records signaled the first wave of industry-wide technology adoption in healthcare. Representing the second wave, analytics and business intelligence followed closely behind, enabling healthcare organizations to evaluate population health and use that information to drive better care delivery. Once we move past these two waves, healthcare will be positioned to drive real-time automation.

“One fundamental component to a real-time health enterprise is delivering care enabled with instant communication and the exchange of health information inside and outside the hospital,” says Adam McMullin, Chairman and CEO of Voalte. Based in Florida, Voalte develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication and improve the patient experience. “We offer the most advanced, most widely adopted real-time communication technology on a smartphone platform to support high-quality patient care,” says McMullin.

“Seamless communication gives caregivers access to accurate information at the right time, increasing the efficiency of healthcare operations and improving the patient experience,” asserts McMullin. Voalte Platform simplifies nurse and physician communication, and equips a hospital’s IT team with the tools to manage, analyze, and integrate mobile health technologies throughout their organization. By incorporating voice calls, secure text messages, and alarms and alerts, Voalte Platform ensures quick delivery of information directly to the right person.

“We carry this out through shared devices and BYOD solutions,” states McMullin. For staff who work inside the hospital on shifts, Voalte provides a shared device model. Those working outside the hospital, such as physicians, typically use a Voalte application on their own personal smartphones. “The unifier across our platform is a comprehensive, role-based directory that links the entire care team, whether they are using a shared device, their own smartphone, or the Voalte desktop client,” says McMullin.

The company also offers incredible integration capabilities with the electronic medical record, nurse call and physiological monitoring. By integrating with alarm and alert middleware, a caregiver can receive notifications from a variety of alarming and alerting sources directly on his or her smartphone.

We offer advanced, real-time communication technology on a smartphone platform to support high-quality patient care

In addition, Voalte APIs and SDKs give customers and third parties the power to leverage Voalte Platform for even deeper integrations, paving the way for extended functionalities down the road.

“We were first to deploy smartphones in the healthcare setting, and we have a deep understanding of not only mobility and use of networks, but also clinical workflow and how caregivers collaborate on patient care,” states McMullin.

For instance, Avera Health, a regional health system based in Sioux Falls, was grappling with disjointed communication and difficulty delivering the right information to the right place. Covering a massive geographic area with 30 hospitals, Avera Health is dedicated to using the latest technologies to advance care, and is HIMSS Stage 7-certified for adoption of electronic medical records. To create a unified way to communicate across five states, Voalte Platform provided an enterprise solution that connects the whole healthcare system with a comprehensive directory that shows who’s available at any given time, all through a single device. Through enhanced communication and the ability to access precise patient information, one of the many benefits Avera Health experienced is a more efficient patient discharge procedure, allowing them to accommodate more patients in each hospital, and prompting a rise in patient satisfaction scores.

“We continuously strive to be the best while providing enterprise-level care team communication,” says McMullin. Based on eight years of experience in improving communication for healthcare organizations, Voalte is looking forward to expanding its portfolio to segments like clinical automation. “We are looking for other processes that will benefit from our visual directory and powerful smartphone capabilities, enabling effective delivery of patient care,” concludes McMullin.


Sarasota, FL

Adam McMullin, Chairman & CEO

Develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication.