Vobile Group: Safeguarding Online Content Value and Integrity

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The streaming video market is witnessing high content acquisition cost even as it struggles to counter the growing piracy cases and copyrights violations. To tackle these concerns, video content owners and distributors are looking for efficient and effective solutions. Vobile Group, an industry-leading player in online content protection, measurement, and monetization services, has developed an advanced video identification technology to protect content value and copyrights. Vobile has established a trusted relationship with top Hollywood studios, global TV networks, video distributors, and retailers to reduce piracy-induced revenue loss and enable new revenue opportunities in the online distribution space. Vobile’s patented VDNA® fingerprinting technology, powered by AI and big data technologies, allows the identification of audio, video, and images accurately and instantly.

“Based on our patented technology, we have built a robust ecosystem to protect and monetize the digital content,” says Yangbin Wang, CEO of Vobile. The company’s Content Protection Platform (VCPP) provides critical protection to ensure exclusive delivery of premium content with comprehensive coverage. Supporting the platform, the VideoTracker® system monitors all video sharing sites and protocols globally, including live, streaming, online storage providers (Cyberlockers), direct download, social media, linking sites, search engines, Peer-to-Peer sharing, and mobile apps. “The advanced technologies built into our solution can identify violating content in real-time, enabling media service providers to take data-driven actions instantly. VCPP’s content registry consists of the largest authenticated database, with data from studios, TV networks, and record labels. The unmatched database enables publishers to eliminate copyright infringements efficiently and reap business opportunities.

Vobile’s Content Monetization Platform (VCMP) enables content distribution on a revenue-share basis for conventional and online video. Its Online Pay-Per-Transaction® (TVOD) helps content owners to reach new online audiences while providing the mobile and online sites access to quality content without high upfront payments. It measures and audits transactional data to facilitate revenue reporting and protects the premium content through studio-grade DRM systems and the industry-leading VDNA technology.

Vobile has also partnered with content owners, and major local and global brands to manage and monetize multiple channels and premium online videos. To help service providers increase the reach and revenue of original content, Vobile’s ReClaim™ finds and matches more videos faster on all video sharing sites. Further, it provides in-depth analysis on how content is consumed. The insights empower content owners to not only target and connect with audiences but also promote brands and grow the channels.

With innovation in our DNA, we continue to develop products that influence the content distribution market and position our clients for greater success across geographies

Leveraging its recent public listing in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Vobile will continuously invest in technologies to offer comprehensive content protection and monetization solutions and will strategically pursue expansion opportunities in Asia and Europe markets. In November 2018, Vobile completed its acquisition of assets from IP-Echelon, an Australia company which focuses on data analytics technology development and applications in content protection services. This acquisition will solidify Vobile’s global leading position in content protection.

Designed to counteract the inflating content acquisition cost and high IP risks, Vobile’s TVOD platform brings the win-win formula to both content owners and video platforms. With the platform generating significant early growth in viewership, Vobile is focused on scaling content aggregation for the greater China region and new international markets.

Founded in 2005, Vobile has expanded its global operation to United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Vobile remains committed to delivering technologies that create more value out of video content. “With innovation in our DNA, we continue to develop products that influence the content distribution market and position our clients for greater success across geographies,” concludes Wang.

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