VoltDB: Powering Applications with Fast Data

Bruce Reading, CEO
With data streaming in from different sources, there is a bigger need for organizations today to manage information on a timely basis and analyze it to receive productive results for business purpose. However, the fast data—data streaming into businesses from mobile, social, sensors, and other sources, today requires streaming analytics with transactions. Further, the streaming applications of today require stream processed data and results within the context of live process. VoltDB addresses these concerns with their in-memory NewSQL database that adds intelligence to data with their streaming capability, making it reliable and smart. “NewSQL database provides fast data ingestion to organizations with real time analytics and enriches data that enables business to gain massive, competitive edge,” explains Bruce Reading, CEO at VoltDB.

VoltDB is a fast in-memory database which is transactional, supports disk durability and has a very low latency. It enables applications to use real-time streaming data to enrich user experience, optimize interactions, and create value. Applications built with VoltDB perform authorizations, take actions, and make decisions in milliseconds. It is designed as the fastest operational database which enables organizations to increase their customer loyalty, communicate the offer to the right subscriber and use analytics with transactions that delivers faster results.

Besides that, VoltDB when aligned with hadoop offers end-to end solutions and operational capability of in-memory analysis. Hadoop which is an open source framework manages the massive amounts of data in real time. Therefore, when both are combined together, VoltDB has the ability to export data by using Hadoop based analytics. In simple words, VoltDB with Hadoop offers developers a closed-loop system that gives insight into an organization’s data.
The company offers a demo version of VoltDB to make the process easier for its customers. This demo is packed with a Docker that diminishes manual installation steps and offers an easier option of running VoltDB and sample applications. With its distinctive offerings, VoltDB benefits their clients in a way that helps improve the businesses. Openet, a provider of business support systems used the solutions offered by VoltDB where they switched to higher performance in-memory database combined with real-time analytics and capabilities of an operational database.

The company needed an in-memory database to handle data, and they required a database technology that could offer innovative software solutions. The transactional database offered by VoltDB gave them high-volume data streams that monitored and leveraged data effectively. VoltDB provided Opennet the transactional consistency of traditional relational databases which streamlined the entire data and analyzed it in a practical manner.

NewSQL database provides fast data ingestion to organizations with real time analytics and enriches data that enables business to gain massive, competitive edge

Having established good association with their clients, VoltDB is planning to expand their group of consultants, product vendors and implement new business solutions combined with VoltDB database technology. “In addition to that, we will be adapting key technologies for business applications and reducing the maintenance of database procedures,” concludes Reading.


Bedford, MA

Bruce Reading, CEO

VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out SQL database purpose-built to power a new generation of applications that thrive on fast, smart data