VoltDelta: Transforming Contact Centers into Cloud-based Customer Experience Centers

Jonathan Huberman, CEO
Increasingly complex customer needs require great collaboration between departments and a better representation of customer service at the executive level in order to deliver a truly customer-centric service strategy. Observing that CIOs are challenged to integrate with more channels of communication, Jonathan Huberman, CEO of VoltDelta explains, “Data not only has to be tracked within a channel, but also referenced across all channels.” Digital presence and mobility are expanding communication alternatives while fueling expectations that contact centers must be aware of a customer’s previous inquiry, even if it occurred on another channel such as a web page or a chat session. VoltDelta has well understood this theory as an Oracle Gold partner by delivering cloud-based contact center solutions that combine the personalized knowledge maintained within the Oracle Service Cloud with VoltDelta’s call and message handling.

Targeting this multichannel challenge, VoltDelta with Oracle Service Cloud CRM and Oracle’s data repository helps build communications infrastructure that connects customers with agents over calls, emails, chat, and social media. Oracle’s Service Cloud allows contact centers to convert data into contextual knowledge that makes each customer feel they are being treated to a personalized experience. VoltDelta’s virtual contact center solution is embedded within the Oracle Service Cloud, allowing agents to have complete multichannel communication control from a single desktop screen. Huberman explains, “With VoltDelta’s virtual contact center solutions agents are continuing to view their familiar Oracle CRM screens.”

VoltDelta empowers Oracle Service Cloud users with DeltaACD 2.0 (Automatic Call Distribution). DeltaACD is a cloud contact center that allows organizations to deploy agents anywhere there is an IP or a telephony connection. DeltaACD makes it easy to dedicate agents to specific channels, or blend calls, emails, chat and more to each agent. VoltDelta’s cloud IVR solution, DeltaDialog, also makes voice automation more intelligent and effective via its integration with the Oracle Service Cloud. DeltaDialog checks with the Oracle system to identify if a caller has recently interacted with a contact center agent. If so, the IVR will acknowledge the call back, and direct the caller to the same agent they spoke with last time.

VoltDelta's virtual contact center with the Oracle Service Cloud drives more intelligent multichannel customer care

The company also integrates with Oracle Service Cloud to offer WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) enabled cloud contact center solutions. WebRTC is an open standard for embedding real time multimedia communications capabilities directly into a Web browser and mobile applications. This allows customers to remain on a web page, and then simply click to see and speak with an agent over their existing IP connection.

Placing Oracle at the center of its solutions, VoltDelta provides its customers with a cohesive voice, messaging and data resource driving effective customer care across multiple channels. The company has delivered an Oracle integrated contact center to a handset manufacturer who required global coverage for its agents distributed around the world. DeltaACD enables this across continents by connecting customers with agents via a cloud service. Detailed reporting is an additional benefit. The use of multiple outsourcers for agent staffing within this organization means that cloud contact center analytics must be available by region and outsourcer. DeltaACD delivers exceptionally granular reporting with features that make it easy to implement call volume Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) across multiple outsourcers in all regions.

VoltDelta has the experience of massive call handling and innovative IVR solutions for over 35 years. The company’s efficiency in omni-channel handling and providing reliable and secure services is the key differentiating factor in the contact center market today. Personalization achieved via contextual awareness across channels including WebRTC highlight the direction for VoltDelta’s roadmap. Looking beyond the horizon, Huberman cites, “We are committed to working closely with Oracle in all areas of our organization.”


Pittsford, NY

Jonathan Huberman, CEO

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