Voltn: Digital Marketing Solutions Backed by R&D

Francesco Gatti, CEO & Founder
In today’s marketing world data is king—and its acquisition and utilization can make or break any digital marketing initiative. But as ever-growing volumes of data points and user bases continue to emerge, companies face an onslaught of available data with no clear way to judge its usefulness, identify its most pertinent elements, or implement that information to successfully target audiences and fill the lead conversion pipeline in a timely and cost-effective manner.

These challenges inspired business strategist and entrepreneur Francesco Gatti to found Voltn, a marketing strategy and development firm that has quickly gained a following for its expertise at applying results-oriented technology to customer acquisition. The company offers focused data-driven solutions and proprietary in-house automation tools that help its clients evaluate market scenarios, target potential customers, and engage those prospects cost-effectively, and with higher scalability, than most of its competitors.

Gatti attributes Voltn’s success to its two overarching functions, which provide synergistic capabilities to the client. “We have an R&D wing that formulates the latest software solutions for the marketing arena, and we also provide digital marketing strategies and services that implement these solutions.” The Voltn B2B Outreach solution enhances customer acquisition through LinkedIn. It expands the client’s network, manages its data, and helps that client reach target audiences through mass text messages and emails. The Voltn Mail solution provides a full-service ESP platform to manage newsletters and sequences, and it sends emails on behalf of its clients that enable them to recognize their visitors and increase user visibility. Voltn’s prospect data helps in reaching out to customers personally and in redesigning marketing strategies to better target, attract, and retain customers. As an agency, Voltn acts as a Chief Conversion Officer, customizing the client’s requirements by operating on the grounds of KYC, CRO, paid social, emails, and e-commerce.

Voltn is singularly dedicated to finding and acquiring the client’s future customers. Rather than dabble in SEO, brand, or content creation, we concentrate on that core function

PersonLink, Voltn’s flagship solution, is, says Gatti,“most appealing to CIOs and is focused on identity resolution of web impressions.” PersonLink helps to identify up to 20 percent of online impressions of website visitors. The data is then automatically processed and sent to the CRM system of the clients. Voltn also sends email offers to visitors that match their database. The clients can then establish effective relationship-based marketing to nurture and convert users.

Among the many firms that have benefited from Voltn’s unique abilities is Executive Advisory Group. After partnering with Voltn, they were able to surpass their preset goals by generating recurring revenue of $446 thousand, with an investment of under $50 thousand.

The key, says Gatti, is to strategically apply both technology and data to improve the client’s marketing capabilities and outcomes. And the venture seems to be working: within a year since its inception Voltn has secured its place in the digital marketing space with a growing customer base of 212 million customers and an enriched database of 500+ million emails, 200+ million social profiles, and approximately 83 attributes. “Voltn is singularly dedicated to finding and acquiring the client’s future customers,” affirms Gatti. “Rather than dabble in SEO, brand, or content creation, we concentrate on that core function—and our clients are seeing the payoff.”


San Francisco, CA

Francesco Gatti, CEO & Founder

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