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Chuck Bloodgood, CTO
Ramesh Varma, CEO, VonExpy Softech, believes in treating employees as a part of his family, an example of wholehearted leadership, and recognition of the persons at work. “We work together as a family, a reason that helps us to go that extra mile to deliver quality products on time,” says Varma. Reflecting the same thought, Chuck Bloodgood, the CTO at VonExpy adds, “It also helps us to build a long term relationship with our clients.” Interestingly, VonExpy stands for nobleness in German, and quality is one of the noble aspects of business, which the company always delivers to its clients.

Started by a group of IT experts, VonExpy specializes in providing tailor made solutions to the software industry that meet the needs, utilizing experienced test professionals and testing best practices. Elaborating on the changing faces of the retail sector, Varma says, “Lot of solutions in the market struggle to deliver quality results on time; this situation triggered VonExpy to offer better integration of quality process and tools for development.” With most of the retailers relying on legacy applications, VonExpy’s solutions are engineered with the latest technology and robust user interfaces so that the customers do not experience connectivity problems or performance issues.

Adding a different dimension, Bloodgood brings in the use of analytics as a key challenging factor for Retail CIOs. “The key objective is to effectively use the analytics to forecast the future and increase the sales by targeting a particular market or product. We specialize in providing the right solutions to make an influential application,” says Bloodgood. He also believes that retailers are actively pursuing the mobile channel as a way to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. To capitalize on mobility’s ubiquity, VonExpy develops intuitive and highly customizable mobile applications to support retail objectives.

Since inception, VonExpy has delivered innovative solutions through its end-to-end product development lifecycle strategy. “We have a strong off-shore and on-site model with an expert testing team to implement a detailed communication plan.
Our approach enables customers to expand their market penetrations, improve time to market and lower costs,” explains Bloodgood, who also claims that their services include analyzing the requirements and responding in a short time.

One of VonExpy’s clients, engaged with another third party offshore group, wanted to alter their engagement process to reduce the spending. VonExpy’s team of experts analyzed the problem and quickly implemented their communication plan, which was key to developing a close customer relationship. “Within three months we were able to bring a balance between delivering real business value and its associated cost.

We have a strong offshore and on-site model with an expert testing team to implement a detailed communication plan

The client then discontinued their previous third-party and handed the project over to us,” recalls Bloodgood. Apart from adopting distributed agile developments methodologies, he says, “we add new features and functionality to existing products to reduce time-to-market, lower total cost of ownership and increase the rate of success.”

Varma also brings in the importance of building quality solutions, offering specialized programmers, testers and designers, delivering robust communication processes and a strong R&D department as the key factors that help the company have a long-term relationships with their clients. One of VonExpy’s goals is to help clients focus on security and compliance with international standards. “We are looking at ways to make sure that our services help our customers become more secure. We are also pondering innovative approaches to include mobility and social media to address all customer requirements,” says Varma, who is rightly aware that SMAC—social, mobile, analytics, and cloud are the major components of the retail sector.

VonExpy Softech

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Chuck Bloodgood, CTO and Ramesh Varma, CEO

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