Vox Mobile: Overcoming the ‘M-Gap’ by Embracing Complete Enterprise Mobility

CIO VendorJim Haviland Chief Strategy Officer
Enterprise mobility was simple back in the days when everyone carried a BlackBerry. But when smartphones shifted the paradigm, both the possibilities and the infrastructure challenges multiplied. Instead of just handling administrative functions like email and calendars, smartphones opened up a new world of operational functionality driven by mobile content, access to backend data and smart dispatching. With the new innovation possibilities, came increased infrastructure management demand, creating the “M-Gap”–the obstacle enterprises face when infrastructure issues that interfere with their ability to innovate. Vox Mobile’s solution–Mobility as a Service (MaaS)–eliminates the M-Gap by handling infrastructure issues so enterprises can focus on innovating through mobility.

“Organizations that are familiar with sourcing and managed services for traditional IT programs think of managed mobility services as a cost cutting play,” says Jim Haviland, Chief Strategy Officer, Vox Mobile. “But Vox Mobile’s service approach is focused on application success and end-user experience. With that emphasis, we deliver value beyond cost cutting and enable clients to truly innovate using mobile solutions.”

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Vox Mobile provides managed mobility services for enterprises and operates support and deployment centers as well as sales and consulting offices throughout North America. The company founded the Global Enterprise Mobile Alliance (GEMA), which enables it to provide MaaS worldwide. Vox Mobile offers strategic consulting; technical professional and advisory services, building, executing and deploying corporate mobility blueprints to help clients achieve long-term goals.

“We recognized that the mobile experience is a consumer experience, and to manage that appropriately, we needed to deliver the right services and support,” explains Haviland. “To recognize the consumer component, we adopted Net Promoter Scoring (NPS). That provides a secure way of
calculating overall end-user experience, satisfaction, and customer willingness to recommend a company's products or services. By measuring the end-user experience, we drive application success, which helps clients realize their potential.”

Vox Mobile’s solution stack enables clients to focus entirely on the strategic elements of mobility. By removing the infrastructure burden, Vox Mobile helps companies avoid costly M-Gap distractions and drive innovation. Vox Choice, a part of Vox Mobile’s core platform, illustrates how Vox Mobile eliminates the M-Gap with advanced MaaS.

Vox Choice is a central management console that brings EMM, TEM, administration, BYOD and self-service together into a single portal with actionable reporting across all tools. One successful use case involved Salix Pharmaceuticals, which deployed a clinical trial application using Vox Choice to manage the infrastructure component.

By distributing iPads and an application to support drug trials, Salix achieved a faster path to drug certification and significant cost reductions. It was an innovation in how drug trials were performed, and Salix could focus exclusively on that aspect of it since Vox Mobile’s MaaS model eliminated the burden of managing infrastructure–closing the M-Gap.

In addition to helping clients like Salix focus on innovation, Vox Mobile educates the market through programs like Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL), a peer-to-peer network for people who are interested in developing enterprise mobility programs. Members help each other vet solutions and navigate organizational change.

Vox Mobile’s service approach is focused on application success and end-user experience

Vox Mobile is growing rapidly and gaining a reputation for continuous improvement. “Our focus on the quality of the end-user experience is unique,” Haviland observes. “By providing a standard yet configurable, industrialized and unified solution, we’ve helped clients worldwide close the M-Gap–and focus on innovation.”

Vox Mobile

Jim Haviland Chief Strategy Officer

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