Voxjar: Automated Call Auditing Pioneer

Curtis Brown, CEO
During his stint as a phone representative in different environments as a college student, Curtis Brown, CEO, Voxjar, observed that the same problems consistently occur. Businesses rely on tiny samples of data, collected manually, to measure performance. Teams are hired to manually monitor phone calls to ensure compliance, coach agents, and uncover patterns, yet these teams typically measure less than 2% of total calls. Not only does this restrict an organization’s ability to impact employee behavior, it also ignores the mountain of data that companies’ customers give them on a daily basis through conversations with front line employees. This gap in call analysis inspired Brown to start Voxjar. The US-based firm aims to give these organizations the key to unlock insights from the data stored in their customer phone conversations. Enabling them to take action to improve performance, productivity, and compliance through its solutions.

“Voxjar is about partnering with our customers to ensure their success. We become an extension of their team and work hand in hand to help them uncover and act on opportunities. Even before they become customers, we give them a free analysis that delivers insights that they can take action on,” he elucidates.

The Voxjar solution can be easily integrated with a customer’s telephone system, and the conversations conducted are automatically measured in near real-time. The critical tasks carried out by the platform are transcription of telephonic communications using Voxjar’s advanced machine learning systems; indexing of the transcripts for lightning fast search; and analysis of the words, patterns, and metadata to deliver actionable insights.

The Voxjar solution seamlessly monitors any number of calls and thus, unravels data patterns that help enterprises arrive at crucial decisions within a short period.

To illustrate the capabilities of the Voxjar solution better, Brown recalls the experience of working with one of his clients.

The Voxjar call monitoring platform automatically spotlights coaching opportunities and delivers actionable insights, which helps enhance the overall customer experience

The organization was cross selling a home services product but didn’t know how often their representatives were making the offer. Although this firm did know the number of successful sales the only way to measure that employees were making the offer was the time consuming effort to manually evaluate their calls. Voxjar was implemented and used to measure their current pitch rate. In less than a month’s time, Voxjar helped this organization increase their pitch rate by 77%.

The Voxjar platform also enables team members to self-coach and learn from their peers to help them improve their craft. “Actual, successful phone calls are great examples for the rest of the team to learn from. Hearing how a peer handled a tough objection or saved an account really helps other reps improve and cuts down on the ramp up time of new hires,” Brown mentions.

Voxjar’s greatest strength is its highly talented and enthusiastic workforce, which comprises a good mix of a innovative modern technologists and veterans from the contact center sphere. Most of its employees have keenly observed the gaps existing in call centers for many years, and their suggestions have been instrumental in creating the Voxjar platform and developing the company as a ‘go to’ contact center solution provider. The company looks forward to further empower its clients by leveraging emerging technologies to add to their existing intelligent software solutions.


Provo, UT

Curtis Brown, CEO

Voxjar has created an automated call monitoring platform that analyzes 100% of your reps’ phone calls and delivers insights that you can take action on to improve your business