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Arriane Emdad, Group Leader
It’s no revelation that B2B selling has become more complex than ever. Whether it’s the changing markets, new buying habits or aggressive growth goals, today’s salespeople are having a hard time keeping pace. Evidently, the status quo isn’t cutting it. Sales organizations need their reps to be more productive, knowledgeable, and skilled in order to meet their goals. The need of the hour is to bring in a discipline of empowering reps with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to maximize their effectiveness. A sales enablement platform can enhance a team’s productivity, content engagement, and new hire proficiency. However, how sales-friendly and flexible can a sales enablement platform be is the question. vPlaybook is a video-based sales enablement tool that helps sales reps to prepare for and lead really compelling customer conversations. Salespeople tend to be situational learners and prefer tangible hands-on and just-in-time coaching and information. vPlaybook brings together both content and coaching that a rep needs to do the job effectively.

A video-based playbook platform, vPlaybook is designed to build exceptionally sales friendly playbooks including integration with Salesforce, “The Salesforce integration creates a guided selling experience for reps that serves up the right playbook content relative to the account, opportunity, or contact that reps are focused on,” says Arriane Emdad, vPlaybook Group Leader.

Moreover, vPlaybook facilitates a coaching environment, wherein managers can issue video-based challenges to their sales reps. Sales reps, in turn, complete challenges, record themselves and receive real-time feedback from the managers. The vPlaybook is available in a DIY format and as a package of professional services, which assists users to produce new content and videos and coaching challenges.

Staying true to its design of being highly user-friendly, vPlaybook offers a plethora of templates to choose from. Once the playbook is created addressing the organization’s sales priorities, reinforcement of the content becomes critical. Therefore, empowering the first line of sales manager becomes key to meeting the intended goals through the adoption of the playbook.

Our legacy has been in developing sales playbooks and making it easy for our customers to design them on their own

Besides, should there be any bottlenecks during the creation of the playbook, vPlaybook support team is always available to count on. “Our legacy has been in developing sales playbooks and making it easy for our customers to design them on their own,” says Arriane.

vPlaybook’s ability to organize a collection of content, tools, and training specific to a particular growth initiative and at the same time enabling managers to coach their sales reps to prepare for prospect conversations, gives the platform an edge over other sales enablement platforms in the market. The dual feature enabled in a singular platform has turned the tables from what seemed to be a cumbersome task of siloed learning programs. More so, unlike the usual PDF playbooks that are extremely verbose, vPlaybook comes off as a more preferable means to educate sales reps with video-based content. “Our clients prefer vPlaybook’s interactive format to the text-heavy sales enablement content many previously used,” mentions Arriane.

In a recent venture, a data integration software company recognized the need to build out their sales messaging to support their aggressive sales goals in a new product area. With the implementation of two playbooks, the client was able to achieve a growth of 122 percent for the big data product and revenue up to 500 percent YoY for the data management product.

vPlaybook intends to continue innovating further and introducing new features to the coaching capability. With such a ground-up approach to resolving the most talked about issues for sales reps and managers, vPlaybook ensures exceptional business outcomes and productivity.


Little Rock, AR

Arriane Emdad, Group Leader

vPlaybook is a sales-friendly enablement solution, focused exclusively on sales conversations. vPlaybook’s platform, video production, and design services help their clients to package sales plays in an interactive guide designed to drive revenue growth. They are known for providing sales management solutions, such as sales enablement, sales, marketing and other creative services. vPlaybook was built with the aim of providing the sales team with the capabilities and control they need for improving sales performance. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, vPlaybook caters to clients in over 30 countries