VReadyNow: Engineering Next-gen Virtual Solutions

Ricardo Cazes, CEO
In the rapidly evolving realm of immersive digital experiences, augmented and virtual realities are rendering a world beyond imagination. In retrospection, roadblocks arise when it comes to enterprise adoption. Ricardo Cazes, VReadyNow’s CEO, explains, “Because we understand that AR/VR technologies are in the early stages, we aim to reduce the inherent risk of this new paradigm, insulating our customers from it by providing not only solid applications but also customized services during both the implementation and operational phases. Our goal is to provide AR/VR based enterprise solutions that are focused on results without the associated risks of new technologies.”

The firm’s collaboration with university research centers combined with access to world-class resources allows them to deliver low risk, low cost focused solutions where the ROI on AR/VR based technologies is tangible and measurable. They have developed a methodology that encapsulates key common-enterprise functionalities separate from the platform, allowing them to rapidly adapt their solutions to new technology offerings. VRN has gained early customer adoption with their software and hardware agnostic platform.

In their quest for cost-efficient, measurable ROI opportunities, the VRN team has found useful applications for their products in a variety of industries, including healthcare, industrial field operations, and forensic solutions. “What we have discovered is that AR/VR adds a new dimension to training situations that call for interaction with expensive and remote assets, high-risk procedures, mission critical assets, or critical situations. In all these cases, the cost and risk of training are not only a physical liability, but it can also negatively impact a customer’s bottom line,” explains Cazes.

VRN has developed Smart Glasses based applications that provide outstanding value for sub-industries such as field inspection, operations, maintenance, and repairs. In these sectors, there are often tasks where an operator needs his hands free to work, and therefore a tablet or smartphone based solution is not desirable. VRN technology has the capability to provide hands-free, on-demand knowledge and support to the field technician via audio, video, or interactive animated holograms to exponentially enhance the worker’s value.

Our goal is to provide AR/VR based enterprise solutions that are focused on results without the associated risks of new technologies

“We think this ‘smart worker model’ is the future path for most workers, and the field operator is leading the charge,” states Cazes.

In the healthcare arena, VRN offers a Smart Glasses solution called eMed Rounds®. This application simplifies EHR data access, patient interaction, and reporting during the medical rounds at a hospital. Integration with the existing systems is critical in the healthcare market, and VRN provides a solid, trusted link between hospital systems while taking advantage of the opportunity for hands-free, no tablet, full eye contact doctor/patient interactions.

Taking advantage of their capabilities to merge existing technologies to deliver a more advanced solution, Cazes says, “By using sophisticated Reality Capture technologies, advanced Motion Capture and Virtual Reality tools, we are providing the forensic industry with a new toolbox only available on TV shows until now.”

VReadyNow’s Virtual Crime Scene Investigation solution aims to preserve the crime scene, enhance interaction between the investigators and the forensic team, provide hypothesis validations and simplify the communication process within the legal ecosystem.

As industry standards are adopted, large customers will demand AR/VR features that continue to focus on practical, efficiency driven solutions. With a solution team comprising of a mix of AR/ VR visionaries and proven enterprise solution experts, VRN is poised to take their share of the market by keeping pace with products aimed at delivering real life industry applications. “We are leveraging our experience to deliver real world, ROI proven solutions for the enterprise while helping our customers take advantage of these emerging technologies,” concludes Cazes.


Miami, FL

Ricardo Cazes, CEO and Gustavo Pavese, COO

VRN provides interactive augmented/virtual reality applications and services with a tangible and measurable ROI