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CIO VendorSteve Olds, CEO
Three years ago, Shaz Khan, Chief Strategy Officer of Vroozi noticed the tons of unfulfilled potential in the business procurement process. Sure, systems were being rolled out to employees, but their complexity was hindering the use to full potential. This lack of high-end user adoption meant that important business objectives and return on investment plans weren’t being met. Having started his career in 1997, Khan specialized in SAP management consultancy with a focus on supply chain solutions. He had already implemented large multi-international solutions for Fortune 500 companies, so it should come as no surprise that he was ready to address this challenge in a major way with co-founder Richard Chala, who came from the mobility and e-commerce space.

“Vroozi was founded to bring the consumer shopping experience from places like Amazon and Kayak, into the business-to-business procurement process,” says Khan. In order to do this, the company began addressing a series of pain points in the market: The negative impact of fragmented data, which hindered many companies’ decision-making abilities in regards to procurement and supply chain operations; the pace of technological change, which was driving employees to look for tools that would allow them to work faster and easier; and the changing role of the chief procurement officer and procurement organization, which was becoming more strategic and innovative.

"We are set to become the number one business to business shopping platform in the world across any vertical"Vroozi’s first product on the market, smartOCI is a complete cloud-based content management solution and a digital marketplace for a company’s entire portfolio of suppliers. smartOCI takes a company’s supplier content and federates the data into one simple,
Googlelike interface for all employees in an organization to access in one click. It’s a bolt-on to a company’s existing SAP investment, where Vroozi drives more procurement spending through catalogues and decreases organizational requirements to touch a purchase request and convert purchase orders manually. “Buyers have control of a full-blown content marketplace to drive enterprise spending through their employees. This grants ROI in a matter of months as opposed to years,” claims Khan. The Purchase Manager, another product of Vroozi, gives the mobile procurement experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It can run independently or seamlessly integrates into existing SAP systems. With this vision, Steve Olds has recently joined the team to lead Vroozi with Khan to the next growth stage.

Vroozi keeps itself ahead of the competition by not only giving companies the procure-to-pay experience across any device, but also by allowing their clientele to configure Vroozi’s systems to their needs without coding. This follows the company’s three principles of success: productivity, usability and accessibility. Recently, the company has seen success in the Fortune 500 market. After working with one of the top aerospace and defense companies, Vroozi stores almost six million items in their cloud marketplace, where employees of the company across the U.S. could order goods in a single click and return them back to their SAP environment. Not only did this tremendously benefit the organization’s adoption rates, but it also lowered the transaction costs associated with processing purchasing orders Vroozi believes that the next three years is going to be an exciting time for technology. “A number of organizations are beginning to embrace cloud technology but they also have to evaluate how these solutions are going to be consumed by employees and the value that it brings to the company,” says Khan. The company is currently looking at the ability to integrate video into the supply chain to allow real-time collaboration with suppliers and trading partners. Vroozi also is pushing technology, notifications and personalization so their platform can automatically adjust and curate content according to the usage within the workforce. Companies like Vroozi do not believe in giving a solution and walking away, but rather staying and working until each client is satisfied, and that is what makes them one of clients’ favorite.


Steve Olds, CEO and Shaz Khan, CSO Rich Chala, CPO, Ivy Montgomery, VP Marketing

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