VSE Corporation: A Value Engineering Service Provider

Maurice Gauthier, President & CEO
VSE Corporation was established in 1959 with a mission to provide engineering and technical support services to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of Department of Defense (DoD) systems and equipment. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, VSE was originally incorporated as Value Services Engineering Company, and over the years, they have evolved along with the government and military’s needs, while remaining true to their roots as a value engineering firm.

VSE provides diversified services to the engineering, energy and environment, defense, and homeland security markets from more than 15 locations across the United States and around the world. The company is focused on creating, sustaining, and improving the systems, equipment, and processes of government through core competencies in legacy systems sustainment, obsolescence management, prototyping, reverse engineering, technology insertion, supply chain management, foreign military sales, management consulting, and process improvement. “While VSE’s core competencies continue to evolve, our guiding principles are unchanged – delivering quality products and services that meet the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers, on time, and at a fair price,” says Maurice Gauthier, President and CEO.

This publicly traded, registered professional services company has provided more than $2 billion in diversified engineering and technical support services to the U.S. Government by specializing in solving problems of global significance with integrity, agility and value. VSE’s strength lies in the talented professionals who support their customers in maintaining and modernizing products, equipment, and systems. The company’s nationwide network of local offices provides access to a spectrum of corporate resources and services in diversified engineering, logistics, management, and information technology disciplines.

While VSE’s core competencies continue to evolve, our guiding principles are unchanged

VSE’s Quality Management System (QMS) represents the basic management approach of the enterprise. They deliver training and deployment support that provides organizations with comprehensive infrastructures to manage and continually improve organizational processes, products, service delivery and production. Thus, the company’s organizational development and implementation of QMS programs, provide effective processes and procedures and control mechanisms, along with planning processes, organizational structures, communication systems, and most importantly, continuous measurable improvement (CMI).

VSE’s principal clients are agencies of the Federal Government, particularly the Department of Defense. Other clients include the United States Navy, United States Army, United States Air Force, and United States Marine Corps. The company’s long-term relationship with high-profile clients has been established on the basis of their commitment to quality, products and services. VSE also stands proud to be one amongst the Top 100 Defense Contractors in the world.

Going forward, VSE continues to navigate through challenging times by focusing on key programs, pursuing new work, and continues to balance their costs in order to improve in terms of competitiveness and profitability. With the success of winning work in new areas, VSE has begun expanding their current supply chain management offerings to adjacent markets.

VSE Corporation

Alexandria, VA

Maurice Gauthier, President & CEO

Provides diversified services to the engineering, defense, and homeland security markets from more than 15 locations across the United States