Vubiquity: Connecting to Devices Globally with Video Solutions

Darcy Antonellis, CEO
The convergence of technologies in this techno-driven world has enabled video delivery across different screens like mobile,tablets and laptops.But this has also imposed challenges to the service providers and content owners to leverage their trends to multiplatform video services. Headquartered in Reston,VA,Vubiquity provides multiplatform video services, working closely on both content owners and service providers to meet consumers’ evolving demands for anytime, anywhere access to content.The company takes open technology approach to integrate with all hardware, software and middleware providers in the video ecosystem.Vubiquity offers cloud-based video streaming and other services that include linear origination, uplink and transcoding, VOD file management and delivery–including fast turn services for time-critical assets—and advanced advertising services in support of C3 and Dynamic Ad Insertion. Along with providing advanced video services, the company offers services in different areas that include Video-on-demand for encoding, managing and distributing content.

"We offer the industry’s most complete portfolio of multiplatform video services that enable consumer viewing of premium content on any permitted device—TV, and tablets, mobile and Over-The-Top"

Vubiquity’s asset management system, ADONISS, was designed as a multicast system to help content providers manage the cost and complexity of delivery and to offer the most flexible solution available today. Using a web-based remote interface, ADONISS enables the user to track content, view menu structures, and change metadata (pre and post-pitch). Advanced advertising services that works for all video service providers has AdVU Marking which edits program and captures live network feed. Linear content delivery, TV Everywhere, and data services are the other services that Vubiquity offers.

Vubiquity serves operators nationally and internationally providing content in 13 languages and services to ensure content complies. The company works with every major Hollywood studio and US cable and broadcast network. “Vubiquity supports multiple codecs and formats (MPEG-2, PEG-4, HLS, ABR, SD, HD, and 3D) for its Tier 1, 2 and 3 cable, Telco, and DBS customers throughout the world,” says Darcy Antonellis, CEO, Vubiquity. To keep pace in their multiplatform video, Vubiquity has wide range of content partners that includes HBO, ANIMAL PLANET, 20th Century FOX, Bloomberg Television, BBC America, CNBC and ESPN. “We offer the industry’s most complete portfolio of multiplatform video services that enable consumer viewing of premium content on any permitted device–TV, and tablets, mobile and Over-The-Top,” says Darcy.

To keep pace with the technology, the company undergoes research and evaluates the changing consumer market. "With deep relationships spanning both premium content owners and service providers in every region across the globe, Vubiquity is uniquely equipped to deliver the breadth of expertise, services and technologies to meet your present needs and future requirements," says Darcy.


Reston, VA

Darcy Antonellis, CEO

Provider of multiplatform video services.

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