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Saurav Gupta, VP & GM – Sales (North America)
Manufacturing as an industry has gained the most from the evolution of technology in the past few years. Technologies such as IoT have taken things to a whole new level for manufacturing businesses, as it offers the ability to produce connected and smart devices, which are in great demand in the market today. To make the most of these technologies, a business needs to partner with a manufacturing company that brings expertise, experience and knowledge of the latest technologies such as IoT. One company that has consistently made a mark in this regard is VVDN Technologies.

VVDN brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in both design services and high-volume manufacturing. In a market where manufacturers rely on third-party vendors for things such as PCB assembly and making mold and plastic for devices, VVDN stands out as an organization that comprehensively manages every aspect, right from creating the designs to developing the final product.

With VVDN’s presence in the USA and India, the company offers complete design, development, and manufacturing services all under one roof. “OEMs typically come to us with a concept, considering the systems, platforms, and technologies we use, and we take care of all of that as a product engineering and manufacturing company,” says Saurav Gupta, VP & GM – Sales (North America), VVDN Technologies. He further explains how OEMs’ preferences have changed over time, considering India as a manufacturing hub. “They want to diversify, and India has always been a preferred place for them to get their product engineering, software and design,” adds Gupta. As a result of that trend, many of the company’s customers who were earlier approaching it for product designing are now even getting their products manufactured through VVDN’s manufacturing facilities in India. This is an outcome of the understanding and knowledge that VVDN has developed around high-volume manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics in the past decade.

Areas where VVDN excels in the IoT space are AI/ML Based Cameras, Edge AI, Industrial IoT, EVs, Hearables, Wearables and Trackers.
Whether it’s about smart surveillance solutions such as IP cameras, edge AI gateways; smart building solutions such as lighting systems, security alarms; fleet management solutions such as asset tracking; utility solutions like smart metering; smart audio solutions such as speakers, headsets, VVDN does it all. VVDN helps OEMs, system integrators to deliver blanket services across the IoT business landscape including product engineering, system integration, technology services, platforms and manufacturing. VVDN’s unique value proposition lies in bringing together sensors, networks, analytics, cloud and mobile applications and helping customers create reliable, secure and relevant solutions. VVDN's deep focus on emerging technologies such as AI/ ML, Edge Computing, 5G helps clients usher in the new era of IoT space. With expertise in Hardware, Software, Cloud and in-depth knowledge of various communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, NB-IoT, LoRa based products & Cloud Services, VVDN helps its clients to develop as well as upgrade their existing solutions according to the requirements.

VVDN’s unique value proposition lies in bringing together sensors, networks, analytics, cloud and mobile applications and helping customers create reliable, secure and relevant solutions.

Further, as a prominent organization with solid relationships with major Silicon Valley vendors, the company gets access to the latest technologies, an add-on for its clients. VVDN’s ability to leverage innovative technologies proved beneficial when the pandemic struck, as it has accelerated the use of technology across different sectors. “Covid-19 has created a lot of urgent need for various technologies, and we could step up to address that and solve the time to market,” says Gupta. The pandemic has also intensified the ‘make in India’ trend, which led to an increase in VVDN’s business in the last year. Gupta believes that this trend is here to stay and expects that more North American companies will look at engineering offshore development centers in India

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Saurav Gupta, VP & GM – Sales (North America)

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