Vykin Corporation: Economically Efficient Ways to Adopt AWS Platform

Edward Bachl, CEO
As the Amazon cloud computing business unit continues to excel in the industry with its growth and incessant innovation, forward thinking small businesses have started to embrace AWS’s cloud computing platform to the fullest. Amazon is witnessing tremendous success in facilitating the shift of corporate infrastructure to the cloud. Enterprises are on a constant look out for viable partners that can assist them with integration within the AWS platform in the hopes of realizing their potential. “We bring our customers a total Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution that is integrated with Amazon Web Services as a platform,” says Ed Bachl, CEO, Vykin Corporation.

With its headquarters in Tampa, FL, Vykin Corporation is at the forefront of small businesses delivering IT solutions in the defense industry. “We strive to be more agile and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs and AWS helps us do just that,” affirms Ed. In order to enable government clients to keep pace with today's IT environment, the company delivers its proprietary Service Delivery Framework (SDF) based on Vykin’s experience in the defense market. “The framework is Vykin's main operating model for every IT service contract that the company supports and AWS and cloud services in general are a major supporting pillar of that model," said Jamison McAtee, Vice President. “As AWS consulting partners, Vykin can reliably help its customers to migrate to flexible and scalable cloud environments.” notes Tim Rider, Vykin COO. “By leveraging AWS expertise, Vykin is able to assist its customers in the implementation of cost effective Disaster Recovery (DR), Continuity of Operations (COOP), and empowers them to meet emerging needs for crisis response” asserts Tim.

“We are always trying to find ways to become more efficient and capable,” explains Ed. “Amazon and its cloud services are a perfect fit forour organization as its offerings and capabilities are forever evolving to meet the demands of IT industry.”Having AWS as one of the various platforms to deliver services, Vykin enables organizations to rapidly deploy solutions based on the industry's best practices while also allowing the ability to scale and rapidly shut them down as requirements change.
“Our partnership with Amazon further enables us provide our customers with the best solutions with access to its complete knowledge-base and whitepapers,” said Scott Dritz, Director of innovation and Solutions at Vykin. “Furthermore, our exposure to Amazon’s offerings has allowed us to migrate our internal infrastructure into the cloud, greatly increasing the ease with which we are able to respond to varying levels of operational tempo.”

We bring our customers a total Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution that is integrated with Amazon Web Services as a platform

Vykin is strongly acclaimed for enabling its customers to succeed by assisting them to build cloud-based infrastructure through the AWS platform. In one instance, Vykin sent a team to Iraq to respond to a customer requirement and successfully deployed 35 remote tactical area networks supporting linguistic teams throughout the country in merely 30 days. In order to develop and deploy web-based software solutions on a cloud-based infrastructure, Vykin used AWS. This allowed the customer to track and manage the linguists resulting in significant savings to the customer and also improved the safety of the linguists in a challenging geography.

Marching forward, Vykin aims to become more capable in delivering cloud based information technology solutions. The company also plans to push its horizons to cater services in the other areas. “Our focus will always be on delivering faster, more cost effective and secure services to our current customers, I strongly believe future growth for Vykin will start there” concludes Ed.

Vykin Corporation

Tampa, FL

Edward Bachl, CEO

Provider of IT solutions that support both in-garrison and deployed systems and network architectures.