WABCO: Westinghouse Air Brake Company for Commercial Vehicle Technologies

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Jacques Esculier, Chairman & CEO
The ability to apply breaks instantly in railroad transport was just impossible until the year 1869. This was a root cause for many accidents that took place in the past. But, then that the engineer George Westinghouse invented an air braking system that revolutionized rail transport. This invention later encouraged him to start the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) in the year 1869. The company then made many inventions to ensure safety and increase the efficiency of commercial vehicles in Europe and North America. Today, the company is the global supplier of technologies that are required to enhance the security of commercial vehicles.

WABCO has a wide range of products like EBS systems, MAXXTM Air Disc Brakes, mBSPTM, OnGuardTM, OnLaneTM, OptiFlowTM, and many more for different vehicles like cars, trucks, trailers, trains, and bus. They design all these products in an environment-friendly way following the standards of ISO 14001. Besides that, the company offers many customized solutions to tailor the needs of the clients. They have a separate portal called INFORM which lets the customers know information regarding any product from WABCO. They also created a SERVICES app which is available in the play store in 11 different languages for the Android users. This app gives access to all the latest news, a service partner locator and breaks calculator.

Being the pioneer of the industry the company also educates customers and partners to create awareness and deep understanding of the technology. The WABCO Academy offers different training programs classified as Product, Business and Driver training.
Product training program provides a deep insight into the installation, diagnosis, and maintenance of the air brake systems in commercial vehicles. Business Training is all about nurturing and developing the marketing, convincing skills of the professionals involved in generating the business of any company that belongs to the automotive industry. The mainly concentrate on driver training to provide safety tips to top drivers, who are highly passionate about giving the best safe and efficient driving experience to the passengers. The prime motto of these training programs is to spread their excellence across the automotive industry and to provide sophisticated traveling experience to all commercial vehicle users.

WABCO offers relentless service in almost 40 countries in the world anywhere and anytime. The WABCO Academy shapes the staff of the service centers to be the best mechanics in the industry. The trustworthy services include all the features like waiting rooms, desks and best equipment. To be a service partner of WABCO, a company should be able to maintain the sustained quality of standards in delivering the products, services to satisfy the high expectations of the customers. On doing this; any company can enjoy benefits of the company as they will be given chance of being an active member in the WABCO global network which can be a great endorsement for both the companies.

In the coming years, WABCO will be the ultimate reason for all buses and trucks to be autonomous by providing them with the technological advancements. The company has already had many “Industry First’s “and so is holding the responsibility of millions of human lives dependent on the safety of commercial vehicles. Acknowledging this, the company is heading to invent more products and change the pace of the automotive industry. The World would just be the most dangerous place to live in without companies like WABCO.


Auburn Hills, MI

Jacques Esculier, Chairman & CEO

WABCO is one of the oldest Air Brake Company established in the year 1869. The company has played a huge role in shaping the railroad transport system till date. With many first inventions in automotive industry, the company is now backbone to ensure safety for all the commercial vehicles across the world.Today, WABCO offers it reliable and cost effective services to around 40 countries in the world. In addition to this, the company also provides training and offers online classes to educate and generate more talented engineers from WABCO academy