WADIC: Agile Business Partners

Asim Zaidi, CTO
The lack of talent has snowballed into a massive headache for the IT marketplace. Although in the past, the CIOs would outsource their operations to remote locations for acquiring talent in a cost-effective manner; globalization has made this option obsolete as well. Enter WADIC. A technology consulting firm with proven experience in strategy and execution of end-to-end technology solutions, WADIC solves the talent predicament for its clients and delivers quantifiable results through an agile process. “Partnering with us is like having your own team of developers. Clients don’t have to worry about their HR or IT operations,” says Asim Meesaq Zaidi, the CTO of WADIC.

The company, through its agile process, initiates its partnership with the client by designating a competent project manager to oversee the developers’ team. The client is then taken through a Sprint to comprehend their technology needs. Next, WADIC follows a two or three weeks’ iterative agile approach to understand the clients’ priorities and timelines. The process ends with a quality analysis by WADIC’s QA team and results in a high impact to the ROI.

In an instance, WADIC helped one of its eCommerce clients to enhance their sales. The client was leveraging an unscalable platform and needed to update as their sales figures were constantly hurling down and system was becoming increasingly hard to maintain. Taking an agile approach, WADIC comprehended their infrastructure needs and employed a competent team to operationalize the process. After the project implementation, the client’s sales increased by an exponential margin of 300 percent and showcased the competency that WADIC’s team had.

Having helped numerous other clients in 11 years of operations, WADIC has transitioned over the years. “Back then, our clients were looking for customized solutions, but not toward novel technologies which is the status-quo today,” explains Zaidi. Evolving with the clients’ transforming demands, the company today delivers innovative analytical solutions using its own virtualization solutions and cloud computing with Amazon AWS that assist clients in their AI and big data operations.

We go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver cost-effective and efficient services and solutions

WADIC also implements open-source solutions to design and distribute best-in-class technology solutions. “For us, delivering to the clients’ need is the priority. We go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver cost-effective and efficient services and solutions,” mentions Zaidi. WADIC’s zeal to fulfill its clients’ demands has often resulted in long-term relations with many of its clients in the eCommerce, construction, and healthcare industries. Zaidi states that the company still collaborates with its first customer due to its commitment and an opulent network of seasoned technology professionals.

What really has propelled WADIC toward relentless success in their core team of developers and project managers. Zaidi mentions that the company follows a thorough vetting process before adding personnel to its team. “Sometimes the interviews even last for eight hours as we ensure that the developers go through a rigorous hiring process,” he states. After the talent is hired, WADIC invests highly to training them regularly, which ensures that they are updated on the latest trends and technologies in the marketplace.

WADIC is well-led by its founding members, CEO Christina Zaidi and Asim Zaidi who is an experienced CTO with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Having established themselves in multiple states in the U.S., Philippines, and Pakistan, the company aims to expand its footprint in India and South America. “This will help us in becoming a 24/7 business partner consultant,” informs Zaidi.


Aurora, CO

Asim Zaidi, CTO

WADIC is a technology consulting company with proven experience in strategy and execution of end-to-end technology solutions