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For many years, education technology solutions have focused on offering more assessments to track students’ growth and improve their performance. While there’s ample hype surrounding assessment capabilities, the fundamental idea to provide exceptional practice is somehow remiss. Enter Waggle. Waggle uniquely supports the education landscape with its groundbreaking technology. Emphasizing the learning and practice processes rather than assessment, Waggle provides teachers with the data they need to provide the right instruction and support to students. Waggle makes a strong case that cannot be ignored.

Waggle is “the solution” for teachers who struggle to understand students’ needs in real time. Nearly 40 percent of a teacher’s time is regularly spent on testing and assessment which leaves very little time for learning. “Our value is that we provide students with opportunities to practice in ways that are personalized based on their proficiency. Simultaneously, we enable teachers to understand what their students need in real-time,” states Aoife Dempsey, CEO of Waggle.

One of the key features of Waggle’s platform is that it uniquely adapts to each student’s learning behaviour. By analyzing 13 different data points for each practice item, Waggle can provide students with practice that is “just right” for their skill level.

An essential hallmark of Waggle is its ability to encourage Productive Struggle. Productive Struggle is the process through which students increase perseverance, build grit, and cultivate growth mindsets. Waggle enables teachers to personalize learning based on attributes like how fast or slow a student can solve a problem and how easy or difficult he finds it. With real-time, actionable insights throughout the program, teachers are now equipped with the right tools to discover classroom trends and group their students by performance, goals, and skills.

One of the early adopters of Waggle is Palmetto Middle School, Anderson School District (South Carolina).

Our value is that we provide students with opportunities to practice in ways that are personalized based on their proficiency. Simultaneously, we enable teachers to understand what their students need in real-time

Palmetto Middle School was using a different learning tool to help track their students’ performance. Their initial engagement with Waggle entailed using Waggle for a short period of time each week. They noticed that the personalized instructional support and practice provided by Waggle made a significant difference i n the students’ understanding and improved their overall proficiency. Waggle’s ability to meet each student at his individual levelled to an increase in knowledge that translated into assessment achievement. “This unique case study, to us, was a success story of great educational equity proving that every kid could be a star,” adds Aoife.

Waggle plans to expand its existing features to enable parents to assist with their children’s learning as well as add capabilities to serve the private t utorial market. More immediately, Waggle is focused on strategic partnerships with companies that also aspire to close the educational gap. With its expert team and the powerful vision of education through smarter learning, Waggle is pushing the education landscape into the future with its philosophy of, “Practice smart, and the assessment will be taken care of.”

Waggle News

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Acquires Award-Winning Adaptive Learning Solution Waggle

BOSTON: Learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced that it has acquired award-winning adaptive learning solution Waggle. Integrating Waggle's platform with HMH's leading core curriculum programs and services will create effective, classroom-based personalized learning experiences for all students across the spectrum of learning needs—those above, on and below grade level. The acquisition continues HMH's investment in the extension of its core solutions.

Waggle's web-based adaptive learning platform provides differentiated Math and ELA instruction for students in grades 2–8. By equipping educators with the right insights to discover classroom trends and group their students by performance, goals and skills, Waggle empowers teachers to do what they do best: teach. Waggle's unique engine analyzes student decisions, learning behavior and progress to ensure each learner experiences the right challenge at the right time. Research has shown that Waggle users see up to a 25 percent average increase in Math and ELA proficiency.

"Supplemental adaptive learning experiences have historically been too separate from whole-class and group activities, creating distance in the critical student-teacher relationship," says Matthew Mugo Fields, General Manager, Supplemental and Intervention Solutions at HMH. "The inclusion of Waggle's platform, which marries adaptivity and teacher-led assignability, will allow HMH to unify the core and supplemental classroom experiences, creating the most complete, seamlessly integrated solution available."

With the integration of Waggle, HMH will create a purposeful connection between its core content and adaptive supplemental offerings by aligning Waggle's capabilities with HMH's Into Reading, Into Literature, and Into Math programs. Using real-time data and insights, Waggle will help teachers identify student learning gaps and direct them to specific and relevant HMH instructional content.

"Waggle is designed to be a unifying classroom force, and we're thrilled to complement HMH's proven core curriculum with our uniquely adaptive program," says Aoife Dempsey, CEO, Waggle. "We view this acquisition as the jet fuel that will power differentiation, delivering on HMH's commitment to improving student outcomes in classrooms nationwide."

Additionally, HMH will continue to offer Waggle as a stand-alone supplemental solution for classrooms, regardless of core program of study. By providing both integrated and stand-alone access, Waggle and HMH will offer educators the unique option to define and evolve the right approach for their classrooms and students. Within Waggle, students are supported with achievement badges, hints and feedback as they engage in productive struggle.

Waggle's employees, including CEO Aoife Dempsey, will join the HMH team effective immediately. Current Waggle customers should expect no disruption in service and should contact lisa@wagglepractice.com with questions.


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