WaiSDOM.ai: Democratizing AI Adoption

Madhumita Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, reinforcing its status as an industry disruptor. Today, every company seeks to leverage the power of AI to develop new business models, make better investment decisions, and to gain an edge over its competitors. However, despite AI being the new growth engine for business in the digital age, its adoption is yet to be fully democratized. Waisdom.ai aims to change this narrative forever.

“With our integrated data and AI solution, we help companies of all sizes reap the benefits of AI and make informed, data-driven decisions that best suit their business requirements,” says Madhumita Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO of Waisdom.ai.

Until now, AI-based solutions have been a privilege of multi-billion dollar organizations. The small and midsize businesses are not able to muster the courage to make significant investments in AI due to uncertainties surrounding the ROI, scarceness of data maturity, dearth of talent in AI-based skillsets, or lack of industry application expertise. Even if they want to invest in AI, help is often required from various vendors offering fragmented solutions which are currently incapable of meeting their wide-ranging business needs and cumbersome and expensive to integrate. Waisdom.ai addresses these challenges and regularizes AI adoption by providing a comprehensive AI-driven data management ecosystem across industries.. The solution handles all data-related requirements—from data analysis to modeling and visualization— thus empowering companies to make advanced and more informed business decisions. All that companies need is data, and Waisdom.ai takes care of the rest.

The Strength of All-in-One

Waisdom.ai is highly confident that irrespective of its size, every company will inevitably incorporate AI into its data management workflow to drive the business forward. Waisdom.ai’s proprietary platform is built to facilitate this critical process. The platform, which can be hosted on-premise or cloud, allows a no code solution to data wrangling, data quality analysis, AI algorithms and data visualization needs of clients while providing narratives and recommendations to make necessary adjustments in business processes. As a result, companies are finally able to get a consolidated view of their data-related needs, and they can draw insights to make quicker business decisions— without having to hire more employees or seek help from various and expensive AI solution vendors.

The WaiS Data Module of the Waisdom.ai platform leverages any and all the ETL tools available in an enterprise and is designed to efficiently transfer bulk data to provide a real-time data insight engine to companies looking for a 360-degree view of the business.
With AI-driven data-wrangling templates, this module enables data handlers to easily prepare and curate data for building AI models and visualizations, thereby allowing companies to maximize the value from both their internal and external data infrastructure. In addition, the module’s data quality and standardization features assist companies in securing data integrity and governance.

In the case of companies that want to access, customize, and operationalize advanced analytics models defined by project objectives and goals, Waisdom. ai has that covered, too. Waisdom.ai’s algorithm module, WaiS Algo, is a self-service repository of AI/ML/DL/NLP algorithms with out-of-the-box features that plays a key role. With algorithms written using open-source programming languages, the modular solution enables seamless customization of data models, reducing the time to build, test, and deploy AI models across the enterprise. This also removes the burden from data engineers and data scientists or analytics professionals by helping end-users create and manage their own AI routines.

In addition to WaiS Data and WaiS Algo, Waisdom.ai also provides WaiS VA, a state-of-the-art visual analytics module which augments artificial intelligence to ‘artificial wisdom’ by enabling smarter and proactive recommendations and data-driven decision making. The WaiS VA seamlessly integrates any data source with AI-assisted routines and intuitive dashboards, interactive prompts, and graphical views for self-serve and interactive user interfaces which enable total information governance and monitoring of the data pipeline. As a result of this end-to-end control, stakeholders at all levels across the enterprise can not only use the right AI application but also apply the intelligence to enhance the wisdom of making expedited and informed business decisions.

“With our integrated data and ai solution, we help companies of all sizes reap the benefits of ai and make informed, data-driven decisions that best suit their business requirements”

What best articulates the Waisdom.ai platform’s proficiency is how companies from multiple sectors use it for quicker and dynamic decision-making. The banking industry, for example, is leveraging Waisdom.ai’s advanced analytics backed by AI-driven algorithms to segment, target, acquire and retain customers while improving margins and proactively offering protection against fraud and security breaches. Likewise, Waisdom.ai’s cutting-edge platform is proving to be a great advantage for healthcare providers looking to analyze and interpret a growing array of complicated medical datasets containing potentially life-saving information.

The platform has also found utilization in the manufacturing sector which is leveraging it to score vendor quality and reliability, optimize manufacturing lifecycle, and tighten supply chain efficiency. In the retail space, the platform is being leveraged to develop a better understanding of customers’ shopping preferences and expectations to deliver targeted offers and more personalized customer conversations.

Rather than just providing artificial intelligence, Waisdom.ai’s one-of-a-kind platform is stepping up the AI game by providing ‘Artifical Waisdom.ai’

Having helped organizations across industries improve their performance, Waisdom.ai is quite aware of each company’s level of readiness for integrating AI-driven processes.

It is due to these unique requirements of different businesses that the company is offering ‘Waisdom.ai-as-a-Service’ (WaaS), where it partners with clients using a consultative approach to help them leverage Waisdom.ai’s end-to-end platform in a way that best matches their business requirements.

Designed to rapidly bring the benefits of AI to any company’s decision-making capabilities, Waisdom.ai ensures its leading-edge WaaS helps clients learn and understand their data’s potential. Through this service, Waisdom.ai first examines and customizes the client’s data as per their preferences. With close consultation, they accordingly guide the clients on selecting the appropriate models, accurately interpreting algorithms, visualizing data in a manner that would complement the analyzed datasets, and offer other related advice to help clients make prudent business decisions based on analytical models and reports generated by the platform. “By working together with our clients, we customize the platform in such a way that it ultimately becomes a no-code solution for them,” says Bhattacharyya.

By working together with our clients, we customize the platform in such a way that it ultimately becomes a no-code solution for them

Adding a Touch of Flexibility to Client Engagement

In addition to offering the platform both as a solution and a service, Waisdom.ai makes sure it is presented in a modular form to their clients. It may be the case that an organization has already made substantial investments in several data management, AI/ML, and visualization tools. Taking this into account, Waisdom. ai can individually provide the three modules of the Waisdom.ai platform depending on each client’s distinct requirements to let them reap its benefits without discontinuing any of their pre-existing toolsets.

Building on its ground breaking platform, highly innovative business model, and personalized client engagement, Waisdom.ai is looking forward to revolutionizing information management and decision making across multiple sectors globally in the coming years. As more cross-border clients are approaching Waisdom.ai, they are confident of becoming the go-to AI solution provider that helps SMBs channel the power of AI for favorable business outcomes.


Dallas, TX

Madhumita Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO

WaiSDOM helps businesses harness the power of AI-driven analytics with a platform that integrates data across any enterprise and transforms it into real-time wisdom with the help of out-of-the-box AI algorithms. As a result, companies get a consolidated view of their data-related needs and draw insights from them to make quicker and smarter business decisions.