Walkabout Workplace: An Easy-to-Use Online Workplace

Brad Richardson, Co-Founder & CMO
Based on a number of recent studies, the total number of people in the U.S. who work remotely on a regular basis is around 25 percent but is expected to grow to over 70 percent by 2025. A common problem with most of these workers is the lack of spontaneous face to face engagement, like being able to walk down the hall to ask a quick question and get a quick answer. Understanding this, Walkabout Workplace drives a paradigm shift in the collaboration landscape through the creation of virtual presence—a way to enable remote teams to spontaneously engage thereby creating a deeper sense of connection, commitment, understanding, and trust. “We transform virtual space into a very real place, inspiring innovation and expanding the possibilities of working together,” articulates Brad Richardson, Co-founder & CMO, Walkabout Workplace.

What Walkabout offers is not just a tool, but rather a unique online workplace. Simple-to-use, interactive, and browser-based, Walkabout’s collaboration platform facilitates remote communication via custom-designed and personalized virtual offices with unique features, such as a heads-up display which shows a three-dimensional office floor in addition to real time view of people and team status. This virtual presence makes intuitive engagement easy with HD video/ audio touch, screen share, and essentially provides instant access to everyone, from peers to clients as well as all their tools or applications, all from a single platform.

“It takes us less than 48 hours to set up an office and to get businesses up and running with an effective, virtual three-dimensional workspace,” explains Richardson. Walkabout also renders a strong adaptive training component—a select team of account managers—that executes the onboarding process while checking-in to the office to ensure that every worker is using it correctly. The onboarding package comprises a floor plan checklist that allows management to assign offices as well as an IT checklist where the client provides URLs which can either be linked or embedded into their floor plan for all applications that they use.

We transform virtual space into a very real place, inspiring innovation and expanding the possibilities of working together

When it comes to security, Walkabout is based on WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), a highly encrypted back end. As for bandwidth, the company will soon incorporate meters within every video picture for people to check whether or not their bandwidth is interrupting their audio/ video. The product has been well received by current clients. One of Walkabout’s customers is a clinical healthcare organization with over 30 team members who connect with patients from their homes. The products they were using formerly could not deliver an inclusive collaboration solution. Walkabout delivered the ultimate panacea that included virtual presence for their teams, HD video/audio text and screen share, HIPAA compliance, as well as on-premise applications and tools. In consequence, the client was able to increase productivity, work satisfaction, along with cultural affinity.

By the same token, Walkabout seeks to evolve by staying abreast of recent developments in the space of collaboration. The firm's next big step will be the launch of Walkabout Workplace 3.0 that will represent enhanced as well as new features. As an example, Walkabout plans to unveil a state-of-the-art technology that will enable users to see the weather at the partner's location and accordingly align their office view, thus fostering a sense of belongingness among diverse teams. Nonetheless, Walkabout's long-term technology roadmap is firmly set on AR, VR, and AI technologies to build smart walls that allow for virtual presence, and sharing of documents appearing as holograms against the wall.

Walkabout Workplace

Buffalo, NY

Brad Richardson, Co-Founder & CMO

Develops virtual office platforms that create a “Place” where remote teams come to work every-day, with everyone and everything they need to be successful

Walkabout Workplace