WalkMe: An Interactive Online Guidance and Engagement Platform Providing Real Value to the Customer

Dan Adika, CEO
WalkMe is an interactive online guidance and engagement platform, intended to assist customer service managers, user experience managers, training professionals, SaaS providers, and sales managers engage their prospects, customers, employees and partners through rich online experience. The cloud-based platform that aids businesses remove online hesitancy, while at the same time increase user competence and diminish costs. The solution guides users to successfully complete their online tasks through a series of interactive tip balloons overlaid on the screen. These balloons help users act, react, and progress through their online experience. “WalkMe eliminates guesswork, as well as the frustration of following video tutorials or digging through dull Q&A pages,” says Dan Adika, CEO, WalkMe.

Headquartered in San Francisco CA, WalkMe centers on deciphering the necessities that are specific to customers and delivering technology that helps them be more effectual and proficient. The fast solution platform allows clients to create products that help their customers, employees, users or partners, to complete any task systematically. They work with customer service managers to help augment self-service adoption that reduce incoming service requests, thus freeing them to center their efforts on more decisive and difficult customer care concerns. The company also gives SaaS providers an essential tool to highlight superior features on their software, without their customers complaining of the incapability to understand how to operate them. WalkMe also empowers businesses with useful analytics that allow them to track users’ interactions with the platform—to better fine-tune the online guided instructions to match their users’ needs. A perfect example of this can be found from WalkMe’s work with Clarizen, a cloud-based online Project Management Software company.

Clarizen was looking for a method to increase its conversion of free trial users to paid users and to provide great technical customer support to its existing customers, without letting growth overburden its support team.

WalkMe allows business to simplify the customers’ online experience and remove user confusion

To address these multiple challenges, the company seamlessly incorporated WalkMe’s technology into its platform. They began offering WalkMe as part of their free trail service that resulted in an increase of 25 percent new project activations. “WalkMe guided new users and existing customers in successfully utilizing our software—increasing engagement, conversion rate and reducing our cost support,” says Rachel Hadas, VP Products, Clarizen.

WalkMe also assists businesses internally, to accelerating training of new employees on a business software, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft SharePoint. WalkMe’s guidance platform helps to boost user adoption, reduce requests for help desk assistance, and raise productivity.

WalkMe has a proven track record with top U.S. firms of varying sizes in many verticals including, Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Citrix, Stanley, Black&Decker, US Foods, Bank of Montreal and Kimberly-Clark for example. The unique and disruptive technology underlying their platform and the support and customer success teams that work round the clock differentiates WalkMe from competition.

“Businesses invest a lot of money and time in software and online services, yet new challenges arise - low adoption rates, the need for ongoing employee training, and introduction of updates and changes. We see a considerable growing market demand for technologies that simplify the user experience and allow for increased productivity, higher overall value and lower total cost of ownership. We have big plans for 2014 and beyond, and we have plenty of positions open for smart people who share our passion,” concludes Adika.


San Francisco, CA

Dan Adika, CEO and Rafi Sweary, President, Eyal Cohen, CPO

A systematic guidance and engagement system for Websites and Web applications that drives user actions and helps users to complete any online process or work flow with customizable guidance balloons in a dynamic, interactive, and intelligent process