Walldorf Consulting: Demystifying SAP S/4HANA Implementation

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Hanno Hofmann, Board Member and Founder
Since the time SAP S/4HANA hit the markets, enterprises that were previously using SAP ERP, have been trying to jump on the bandwagon. However, for a company to successfully migrate to S/4HANA, they have to navigate through setting up their workflow on the SAP Cloud platform as well as the SAP HANA data store. The resulting complexity has turned the road of widespread adoption for one of SAP’s biggest upgrades into a winding one, putting out a need for innovative and highly motivated SAP consultants to guide businesses.

Walldorf Consulting takes the challenges of S/4HANA implementation head-on with its meticulous project-delivery method, dubbed Design Thinking. The company provides all-round SAP consultancy services, with particular focus on the FI&CO module. “As institutions started migrating to S/4HANA Cloud, we identified the roadblocks around this migration, and we crafted our consultancy services exclusively for S/4HANA,” says Hanno Hofmann, founder and senior managing partner, Walldorf Consulting. The company is an SAP silver partner that aims to bring SAP HANA Cloud up to speed with its technology contemporaries such as Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and others. “We want the S/4HANA Cloud ecosystem’s efficacy not just to meet but exceed the expectations of our customers,” says Hofmann.

Essentially, the company helps organizations to rearrange their internal departments and automate the processes that do not depend on the intricacies of human intelligence so that clients can concentrate only on areas that require manual attention. Walldorf takes a tailored approach to guide every customer; right off the bat, their team of SAP consultants evaluates the client’s existing process to find different ways of digitalizing the ongoing process. Walldorf helps them through the selection of the right SAP technology, after which, they rapidly develop SAP applications on the SAP Cloud. Hofmann explains, “We work together with the DevOps team of our clients. We have our SAP team of experts and developers, who conduct design-thinking workshops and discussions with the clients’ DevOps teams before developing the solutions.” This approach enables clients to make the SAP implementation within their organizations transparent as well as compliant.

We work together with the DevOps team of our clients. We have our SAP team of experts and developers, who conduct design-thinking workshops and discussions with the clients’ DevOps teams before developing the solutions

In the next stage, Walldorf checks for further possibilities of making the new applications smarter than its’ previous builds. Being a premium partner of SAP, the company leverages SAP Leonardo for tracking and learning from its post-development interaction with the customer’s applications.

Through its SAP partnership and keen attention on financial sectors and processes like FI&CO, hybrid billing, policy guidelines, and revenue accounting and reporting, Walldorf strives to secure its status as the “Preferred Partner” and become the leading S/4HANA SAP Cloud provider. The company’s unparalleled expertise and sound knowledge in SAP have already driven them to be at the forefront of digital transformation. Recently, the company helped the Wiley Publishing House from New Jersey with their SAP migration. This partnership has pushed Walldorf further into the S/4HANA niche and other SAP consultancies as well. Simultaneously, Walldorf has secured a partnership with MHP, another SAP consulting company and a subsidiary of the automobile giant, Porsche. MHP is currently assisting other automobile companies in deploying S/4HANA for revamping their existing business processes. Through their partnership with MHP, Walldorf aims to support the automobile industry with its own expertise and in-depth knowledge in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud platform development.

Walldorf Consulting

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Hanno Hofmann, Board Member and Founder

In the age of hybrid IT landscapes and S/4 HANA, SAP projects are more complex than ever, calling for innovative and highly motivated SAP consultants. Walldorf Consulting faces up to this challenge by applying a mix of compelling project delivery methods, such as Design Thinking, as well as unique Leadership Excellence within the company. The result: consultants who are able to transform enthusiasm for challenges into real added value together with its customers. And only successful customers become long-term partners. As early adopters and drivers of innovation, Walldorf is a company that acts globally for its customers and an employer that strongly attracts young talents. The company thinks outside the box, grounding its work in intelligent technology, creative solutions, quality results, and sustainable practices. As a true technology consultant, Walldorf goes all the way with its clients. That means the company doesn’t just sell “business value,” but transformational projects to realize the highest standards of its clients, without overhead and hidden costs.