WattzOn: Data, Analytics, and Solutions to Help People Save Energy

Martha Amram Founder & CEO
Energy conservation is often something people feel they “should” do, but then find it hard to get started or see results. WattzOn makes it easy for consumers to save energy, and for business partners to leverage engagement with energy savings for customer acquisition and retention. With an array of choices in front of the household – solar, electric cars, storage, smart thermostats, smart windows, cool roofs and so on, WattzOn has an important role: Transforming utility billing data into personalized energy-saving insights.

Our partners gain unique utility billing data coupled with energy analytics that make energy saving easy for the consumerMartha

Numerous studies detail the business model pressure faced by utilities, and correspondingly, the business opportunity for solar, connected home, financing, and other providers. WattzOn, based in Mountain View, CA, helps business partners engage with consumers about energy savings through web and mobile apps, provided under a white-label SaaS license. WattzOn’s software provides a complete solution with tips, personalized savings plans, expert advice on solar and auto purchases, and the ability to track savings over time.

“Our business partners appreciate the expertise in our end-to-end solution of web and mobile app, and also engage with our utility data connector and energy analytics offering. We can get utility data for 90 percent of U.S. households,” says Martha Amram, Founder and CEO of WattzOn.

“Some partners have software teams in-house and need our data capture and energy analytics expertise served via APIs. Other partners work with us to customize our app to their needs. Regardless, our partners gain unique utility billing data coupled with energy analytics that make energy saving easy for the consumer.”

With its national software platform, WattzOn is able to offer a single user experience in multiple locations, powered by the user’s utility data. Business partners use it to reinforce their brand and provide a consistent customer experience. “This is a unique offering that solves two key problems for clean tech and connected home companies: How can I get utility data to serve my customer? How can I do a national roll-out of our offer when there are so many utilities to deal with?” adds Martha.

WattzOn’s track record of energy savings, more than $200 per year per user, is testament to the experience and expertise of the firm. This creates significant brand value for its business partners, and WattzOn’s software serves as a connective tissue between a home, its energy use, and the value-add services that are enabled by energy data. For example, WattzOn is in partnership with a smart thermostat company, EcoFactor. The analytics combine utility data with thermostat data to provide insights on repairs, home upgrades, and new products that can save energy and improve comfort. Similar partnerships with solar companies enable the convergence of the solar and connected home.

In October 2015, WattzOn is implementing the first guaranteed savings contract for the residential sector. “Based on our years of experience, we are able to offer our military housing customers a no-risk way to reduce energy use on their properties,” adds Martha. “Under a guaranteed contract, energy savings is predictable and financeable, opening up the door to new types of business relationships. We look forward to the many new directions provided by this innovative contract.”


Mountain View, CA

Martha Amram Founder & CEO

WattzOn provides a national platform of residential utility data and energy analytics to help people save energy and money, serving business partners via white label mobile web apps or API.