WAVE Corporation: Scalable Solutions for Digital Workflow

Charlie Ward Wright, CIO
A corporate culture that breeds successful people is the most sustainable differentiator an organization can have. In the heart of central Florida, there is assembled an elite team of Computer Scientists and Engineers devoted to the management, distribution and publishing of digital content.This is the home of WAVE, guiding decision makers to successfully solve the most demanding content management challenges.

Whether it is producing, editing or sharing digital information, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a smarter way of doing business. “Enveloping our team’s engineering expertise with an appreciation for customer satisfaction is vital to our evolution,” says Charlie Ward Wright, Chief Information Officer, WAVE. MediaBank Gold is a complete refresh of the original MediaBank DAM product line that integrates a complete Business Process Management tool, transforming the way businesses create and use their content. The product’s scheduling calendar, lists the tasks currently in the user’s queue, making all relevant work assets immediately available. The robust analytic engine calculates and stores the history of its status, assets and user performed events. This valuable information is readily accessible to administrators and users via dashboard windows, greatly, improving communications and decision making with intuitive charts and graphs of system usage.

The deep understanding fundamental at WAVE is that every implementation exceeds mere installation of the software product. A deployment analysis strategizes each company’s unique requirements and goals, defines a streamlined multichannel workflow and details specific recommendations in implementing digital content management in the context of business objectives.

Having deployed hundreds of Enterprise Content Management systems with many unique challenges, the competent engineering team at WAVE, designs optimal workflows based on the collective knowledge of its diverse customer base.

"WAVE consistently produces cost savings of 30-50 percent in easily exchanging electronic content"

The work begins by identifying the responsible person, charting the time schedule for each step, the current systems in use to support the optimized workflow, and the production drivers for the workflow.

WAVE’s superior engineering has resulted in an unparalleled reputation and customer retention rate. When Staples Promotional Products, was formed by merging three companies, the new company faced challenges in managing and locating, duplication and redundancy of digital assets stored in multiple servers across various departments. According to Kathy King, Staples Promotional Products’ Digital Asset Manager, their requirement was for an easy-to use DAM solution with multiple accesses that can scale with the firm’s growing database. MediaBank implementation integrated the different departments into the MediaBank workflow and exceeded expectations. “As of last month, the number of cataloged items through MediaBank has topped a million and our workflow has been revolutionized, with over 500 MediaBank users on the system,” says King.Considering all of its customers equally illustrious, the list includes RR Donnelley, Capital One, Deluxe Corporation, LL Bean, Cabela’s, Duluth Trading, 3M, Publix and the USGA. Customers appreciate the ability to engage WAVE’s engineering team to augment the capabilities of MediaBank, often superseding WAVE’s default product WAVE, lives by the simple rule that individual empowerment enables action on their own accord while maintaining coordination across the organization. This strums the inner chord where engineering, support and sales efforts harmoniously help organizations react quickly to market needs and trends. Released in 2013, MediaBank Gold includes an ensemble of functional modules to deliver for omni-channel enterprise content management.


Orlando, FL

Charlie Ward Wright, CIO

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