WCI Consulting: Analytics Tailored To The Client's Specific Needs

Marty Carney, CEO
Dallas, TX-based WCI Consulting, a firm that has built expertise in the technology and tools essential for Business Intelligence (BI), applies the most effective and appropriate solutions to help clients turn data into valuable business information, plus provide the clients with a cost-effective solution to a diverse array of BI related issues.

The company provides solutions that deliver tangible results, tailored to the client’s specific needs and objectives; along with the insight, integrity and impact that the customers’ expect from their BI partner. WCI Consulting provides services in the areas of data warehousing, data modeling, data migration, data cleansing, and master data management. And it helps client’s fill gaps in their ability to support their many business groups and respective departments.

The firm has engineered specific processes for new projects, upgrades/migrations, and enhancement requests. It has even instituted a communication model between their client’s resources and WCI’s own customer relationship management and project manager staffs, to be used depending on whether a given request is service or project level work. The company also specializes in seeing through convoluted systems to make sense of data in a way that’s best for the clients’ business. And when it comes to business intelligence strategy, WCI believes in simplicity, agility, integration and reliability. By focusing on the leading vendors in both Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence the company ensures that the clients’ business has access to the prime tools to achieve results.
Marty Carney, Chief Executive Officer at WCI says, “Organizations constantly struggle to get decision enabling analytics from their data in a way that’s both affordable and quick enough that their resources aren’t being drained on one IT project. We have an approach that leverages the accelerators of SAP technology and combines it with the extensive expertise of WCI Consulting in an offering that fits clients’ needs perfectly.” And he adds, “No longer do our clients need to deal with the different technologies that provide unsatisfactory outcomes and lead to apathetic end users who are unlikely to use the enterprise software that businesses have invested so much time and money in.”

WCI believes in elevating visions to reality. It specializes in making an existing product perform functions that simplify business processes and it does this by dedicating full-time resources to creating advanced solutions built on cutting-edge technologies. The company’s innovative offerings focus on using technological means to solve complex problems and gain insight into intricate business systems so that their clients can get ahead of the competition. By spreading the knowledge of business intelligence, data visualization and data management the company hopes to enable the business with the right tools that ensure the project is a success.

WCI Consulting

Dallas, TX

Marty Carney, CEO

WCI Consulting is a firm that focuses on mastering the technology and tools essential for Business Intelligence (BI)